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If you don’t know Estée Lalonde from her feature in our winter issue, chances are you’ve already caught her on YouTube, Instagram, or on her blog, Esté Reaching over one million subscribers with her beauty and lifestyle content, Estée’s relatable, inviting spirit permeates all that she touches.

As we begin diversifying our blog and digital endeavors here at Darling, we’re excited to welcome in key “Guest Editors” to curate persona-specific articles and advice. Without a doubt, Estée was our first choice for The Beautician. As you’ll see below and in her articles to come later this month, this Canadian-turned-Londoner is more than a makeup expert. She’s insightful, lovely, and someone you’ll simply want to have over for tea and heart-to-hearts.

Darling Magazine: What prompted you to start your blog?

Estée: I started my blog a little while after I moved from Canada to England. I was quite lonely at the time and needed a good distraction! After following loads of blogs and getting inspired, I finally got the courage to do my first post and the rest is pretty much history!

DM: What ensures you’ll start the day on the right foot?

Estée: I always start my day by walking my greyhound Reggie whom I adore! It’s the best way to start the day — it feels great to be outside before 8AM! Especially on those mornings I’m having a motivation crisis, being outside gets my motor running and inspires me to be productive. This ritual is ALWAYS followed by a hot cup of tea.

DM: How have your ideas of beauty changed throughout the years?

Estée: I used to think there was only one way to be considered beautiful, but the more I’ve experienced and the more people I’ve met has made me realise that everyone is beautiful. Inner beauty is something that interests me so much more than physical beauty. I’ve definitely put a lot more focus and energy on inner beauty during the past couple of years in my personal life and it has helped boost my confidence immensely. The makeup and hair is the easy stuff!

 Inner beauty is something that interests me so much more than physical beauty.

DM: If a woman wants to refresh her beauty routine, where is an easy place you’d suggest her to start?

Estée: Always lipstick! It’s still my favourite beauty product because it can literally transform an entire look. I love red and orange lipsticks but my current obsession is dark plum. Don’t be scared and give it a go!

DM: What do you think it means for women to practically “create beauty”?

Estée: There are so many parts of a woman that make her beautiful, a lot of which we cannot see. We go through a lot of changes in our lives as women and all of the lessons we learn combine to make us all beautiful in our own way. Being positive, passionate and caring, we can create beauty in our everyday lives. Leading by example, this will bounce off others and make the world a more beautiful and inspiring place.

Stay tuned all month as Estée shares her favorite articles and best beauty advice! Give our Guest Editor some love on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, too.

Image of Estée via Kathryna Hancock for Darling Issue No. 14


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