What does it mean to be a daughter?

In many ways, being a daughter is similar to being a blank page, though we may differ slightly in our making and in our destinies, both unwritten and pre-ordained.

In this story full of unwritten pages, we are entrusted to those who define us. As we grow, we are full of questions about that definition. Am I pretty? Am I brave? Am I strong? Am I smart? Am I worth anything? We were born with little prompts hard wired into our very DNA. Our mothers help to fill in the blanks.

We are the unwritten story; our mothers are the pen that sets ink to our souls. We are formless, asking for definition; mothers are the dictionaries to which we look.

There are some daughters out there who may feel that their lives are less of a masterpiece and more of a mainstream mess. Their story isn’t one that’s been carefully and lovingly crafted, but developed in selfishness and convenience. Even the best manuscript has rough edges, but the editing process is, by nature, divine.

If you feel that you are more of a super market paperback, you are no less of a daughter. Rather, you are a story written with the potential to reach the masses. When we boil it down, all daughters are plot, conflict and resolution. Some stories are harder and grittier than others, but they are no less thrilling and still, very much, worth the read.

Whether you are a daughter, that work in progress, or you are a mother, deftly penning the song of your soul, or even a much needed copy editor, blessed to make beauty out of someone else’s story, know this: we are all part of a grand epic, we are women.

Happy Mother’s Day.

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  1. I love this analogy. The bond between mothers and daughters is tremendously powerful. I’m grateful to have had a wonderful mom and stepmom, as well as grandmothers and other amazing women contributing to the pages of my life. I see in my daughter the legacy deposited in me by my mother – a legacy of love, faith, hope and strength. It is the belief that each of us are important and have a purpose in this world. It is the courage to pursue that purpose. It is the confidence that there is someone who believes in you without reservation. It is the trust that she will tell you the truth with love.

  2. This word is a beautiful reminder and encouragement that we are all works in progress. There is no “finish” date or deadline to reach. The beauty of this wonderful (albeit sometimes painful) editing process, is the reassurance of constant improvement. We are not stagnant creatures with inability to succeed; rather, we live in a dynamic world with the capacity to change and influence.

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