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When considering a move, it’s sometimes difficult to foresee it as the next step in our story. Not until we’re knee deep in a new way of life are we able to start reflecting on what path has suited us best. No matter what has prompted a relocation — be it schooling, a new job, the desire to be closer to a loved one, or simply the romantic sense of being free and un-rooted — it can be hard to be sure if we’re in the right place.

I found this to be the case when I first graduated high school and had to decide where to continue my education. There wasn’t one place that shouted my name or painted a portrait of a future I could envision myself exploring, but I saw series of different paths. None with obvious pros and cons, simply differences, and for the first time I was given the chance to decide one completely on my own.

What’s important to remember when moving to a new place is that something has led you there — a yearning or a desire. The key is being in touch with your intuition. Faith is often underrated, but there’s much to be said for trusting ourselves to manage whatever may come our way. By being brave and facing challenges we gain, if nothing else, a further sense of understanding. Moving can help to expedite this process.

Faith is often underrated, but there’s much to be said for trusting ourselves to manage whatever may come our way.

Ultimately, I chose the college that made the most sense logistically and a degree that would bring me pride once I entered the workforce. It didn’t particularly feel like the next “chapter in my story,” but as my time at college rolled on, I discovered something: as long as we take the jump and begin, we can draw into our lives that which will ultimately make us happy. We learn to bloom where we’re planted. It is possible to make a foreign place our own.

To have patience in this process and a regard for our state of mind is to find a sense of peace. As soon as I remembered what brought me to college in the first place, I found renewed strength and determination in my goals. Appreciating new experiences and finding joy in the little accomplishments along the way will create a sense of happiness … wherever you are, and wherever may you go.

Are you in the process of moving somewhere new? What are your fears? How can you replace them with hope?

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  1. Thank you for writing. I greatly appreciate this article and have found it encouraging as a twenty-something female pursuing this thing called life! It’s too easy to stay comfortable.

  2. Love this! As a student who recently moved to South Africa for the semester, it was wonderful reading your words of wisdom, Madeline. I especially love the part about learning to grow where we are planted. You words speak a great deal of beautiful truth. Thank you for sharing!

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