Though many of us are no longer heading back to the classroom this fall (and instead continuing the daily grind at work), there’s something about the beginning of a new school year that universally signifies a fresh start.

We love making New Year’s resolutions in January, so why can’t we enjoy revamping and redefining our goals at the beginning of September, too? This fall, take some time to craft your school year resolutions, those goals that you’d like to accomplish by the time summer rolls around next year. These dreams can be extensions of the goals you set in January, or they can be brand new ideas and challenges that you set for yourself now.


Need some help formulating some good goals for yourself? Take a look at the suggestions we’ve made and see if they spur on any personal inspiration. Then, turn to a fresh page in your notebook or journal and get to goal-setting!

Professional Goals
Now is the perfect time to step back and take a look at the work you are doing in your job. Write down a list of projects that you’d like to complete within the next few months and create a specific game plan for each one, detailing what steps you can take to go above and beyond as you knock items off of your to-do list.

Have you been contemplating a career switch for a while now? The fall season may mark the fresh start that you need to leap into the job of your dreams. If you can’t leave your job just yet, work on side projects at night or on the weekends to cultivate the skills you need to pursue what you’re passionate about. Draft a timeline that gives you a realistic vision of when you can make the transition.

Health-Related Goals
Pursuing health-related goals not only makes our bodies stronger, but the process boosts our energy and confidence as well. Consider switching up your exercise regimen by trying out a new workout class or routine. Find the little ways in which you can get your body moving, whether that’s by taking a walk on your lunch break or scheduling an exercise date with a friend. Commit to making one beneficial change in your diet – say, by drinking more water, eating more fruit in lieu of other treats as an afternoon snack, or making fresh-squeezed green juices at home – and observe how you feel after a few weeks of consistently implementing these changes.

Don’t forget about making sleep a priority! Getting enough rest is crucial in developing a healthy lifestyle, so observe your sleeping patterns to see if there’s anything you could adjust to make your nighttime rituals more relaxing.

Financial Goals
Identify some financial goals that you have for yourself, whether they’re savings-related (like setting up a long-term account that you can contribute to on a monthly basis or carving out a game plan that will allow you to make a big purchase) or spending-related (like paying off debt, committing to making monthly gifts to a charity, or planning a trip abroad). Make a step-by-step list that details achievable ways that you can meet your goals. These items may be as simple as cutting out your daily coffee runs or they can be more complex, like creating an investment plan and choosing stocks to pursue.

Whatever your vision is, stick to it. As clichéd as it may be, plodding ahead slowly and steadily certainly wins the financial race.

Social Goals
It’s easy to get set in our ways by consistently following a social routine and a pattern. In many respects, that’s a good thing – it helps us deepen relationships with loved ones and it creates traditions to look forward to, amongst other positive things. Yet sometimes too much rigidity can put a damper on our relationships, preventing us from growing in the friendships that we already have and prohibiting us from forming new ones. So try something new socially-speaking, even just by taking baby steps. Start by meeting a friend for dinner at a new restaurant, by finally joining your university’s local alumni club, or by accepting your coworker’s invitation to attend a weekend party.

Making room in our schedules for new activities often leads to new relationships that can help revitalize our lives and our attitudes.

Will you set school year resolutions? What goals do you want to accomplish over the next several months?

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