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Spring has officially sprung, and this year’s Pantone colors have me dreaming of soft pastels for our Easter table. DIY’ing your own décor or accents can save you money, but more so, will make any holiday that much more special. I completed this project with a three-year-old, and it was so fun to watch her excitement as the linens changed colors; little moments like that make DIY projects much more memorable than simply buying retail goods.

I purchased a yard of white linen fabric from Joann’s for $5.99/yard, and was able to make 8 small napkins out of it. I cut the fabric into 8 rectangles, and added ¼” double hems to all four sides. I didn’t have the patience to miter the edges, but if you do, by all means, add mitered corners!

If sewing isn’t your forte, here are some great napkin options (here, here, or here).

dip dye napkin diy

Dip-Dye Linen Napkin DIY

Two complimentary dye colors (I used Navy Blue & Petal Pink)
Set of cotton or linen napkins
2 Large buckets for dipping
Rubber gloves

Step 1: Mix your dye according to the package instructions. I knew I wanted a pale color, so I did not add as much dye as the package instructed.
Step 2: Wet your napkins and ring out any excess water.
Step 3: Do a test strip of fabric to make sure you are happy with the colors, then dip the linens into the dye, and slowly pull out, about a minute per dip. This will give you a slight ombre. Repeat with remaining napkins.

dip dye napkins step 1

Step 4: Dip the other side of the napkins into the other color dye, and repeat the same dipping process.
Step 5: Follow the dye’s package instructions for washing and drying.

Images via Chloe MacKintosh

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