A side profile of a woman standing in a field with her eyes closed and her hand to her face

slowly i undress
shaking all of my rattling layers
onto the ground 

they fade
the lies
the desires
the fantasies 

i return to the most elementary
more primitive than the sun or the moon
only the canvas remains
where god painted me
naked and raw 

what did he see in me?
i notice a mirage
in the desert of my soul
and quickly perceive
a sidereal truth 

it must be that innocence
bathed in honey
that which attracts bees

the molasses
feeding the soil
when i cry 

that sweetness
igniting the stars
when i smile 

that white sugar
produced by my breasts
that nurtures every miracle
on this earth.

What are all the sweet and good things that make up who you are? How can you take time to acknowledge them today?

Image via Jen Suarez

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