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In late January, Darling partnered with Lululemon to host an evening of gratitude and connection. During a time when many are adhering to New Year’s resolutions, we wanted to join in this trend by hosting an event that brought like-minded creatives together to encourage, uplift and validate one another. A small group of hand-picked influencers gathered to connect in conversation about small changes that can be made to promote happiness within and around us.

The Springs, a hip wellness center in downtown LA, provided the perfect venue for such an evening. The soft, yet refreshing atmosphere was full of leafy backdrops, candle lit tables and flower arrangements by Chelsea Carter. Guests mingled while enjoying a variety of vegan nibbles provided by The Springs. Club W supplied delicious wine, including their vegan-friendly Vinyasa Muscat that was definitely a favorite among guests.

wellness event club w wineThe Springs LADARLING x Lululemon Event

After palates were satisfied, everyone perched on wooden stools and cozy couches for an intimate time of entertainment and contemplation centered around the question: “What is happiness and how can we sustain this feeling or achieve it?”

Guests pondered this as meditation guru Megan Monahan of Wanderlust Hollywood shared how she was impacted by living in a corporate world and how she made healthy life changes after that experience. She then led a meditation allowing guests to learn healthy practices to stay centered despite the daily demands of work.

Actor Dante Basco left the audience inspired after a moving performance of spoken word.

Dante Basco

Editor-in-Chief Sarah Dubbeldam also shared a moment of vulnerability as she told her story of self-discovery after initially moving down to LA. She explained how Darling was born after coming out of a rough patch and realizing the importance of being both physically and mentally healthy.

Lastly, singer-songwriting duo Giorgi + Leo wrapped the evening up with a dreamy musical performance. They too shared in the mood of openness by revealing some of their own personal struggles that they overcame together and used musical expression as a way to move past those hard places.

DARLING x Lululemon Event

As the night drew to a close, guests were buzzing with inspiration and continued conversations about the importance of open expression and the power of vulnerability in overcoming hardship.

Before leaving, each attendee received a gift bag brimming with goodies including the latest Darling issue, a free session at Wanderlust Hollywood and a pair of pants from the Lululemon Robertson store.

DARLING x Lululemon Event

Ultimately, the group felt more like a community by the end of the evening as the stories of those who shared prompted a sincerity in those listening. No one is exempt from the unpredictabilities that life may bring and acknowledging this truth in our lives and the lives of others brings a unique connection.

A big thank you to Lululemon for partnering with Darling on this event and to Club W for providing the delicious wines.

Images via Lululemon LA; Words by Lauren Rudinsky

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  1. Wow, what a beautiful article! So articulate, it gave me a vivid glimpse of what it was like to really be there. Much love and admiration to Darling for vulnerability, partnering with Lululemon, and drinking good wine.

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