I see the words of love songs
A thousand times a day
In a thousand different ways
The truth is love stories are within us
And if we’re lucky, beside us
But more than that, all around us

Of wishes finding their falling stars
Tired trees finding, one day, sunshine
Hoot owls finding, on the wind, their call returned
The moon finding an embrace in the cold night
Snowflakes overjoyed to find rosy red cheeks
And a heart, ever-so-wanting, finding yours

These songs sing the world to sleep
And softly wake it up again
Affection offered to the open heart
The only thing it asks in return is that we join the repeat
To offer back our own love stories
Even if they are only echoes.

Image by Sara?via?Flickr

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  1. What a precious poem! It captures the true spirit of love far better than the hackneyed phrases that abound during St V’s day.

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