A Note From The Editor: We are very aware that the words we publish in this space and in our print issues have power. Even more so, we’re in awe of how your words, our dear Darling readers, keep us encouraged and motivated in the mission to redefine what true beauty looks like — in the media and in culture — so that all women everywhere can feel known, loved, whole and worthy. We want to start sharing these words with you as well, because YOU are the real voice and agent of change.


From Darling Reader Katie Regan:

Dear Friend,

If ever there was a magazine that I encouraged you to read, it would be Darling Magazine. If you haven’t heard of it before, I so strongly urge you to look into it. This magazine’s sole purpose (and its soul purpose actually) is to navigate the art of being a woman.

The magazine is published quarterly and is filled with intentional articles aimed at building women up in a realistic and hopeful way. Each issue is broken up by “personas” (i.e. Dreamer, Hostess, Confidant, Stylist, etc.), which shape the content and connect to a variety of pieces that make up every woman’s identity. I almost entirely identify with the “Achiever,” but when I read articles and DIYs and stories from the “Dreamer” and the “Intellectual” I am reminded that I have many dimensions. I am constantly grounded by the meaningful topics and the tender community that come with my subscription.

This magazine is working to start a dialogue with women, to challenge what we know about societal expectations, and to pave the way for a more darling future.

With all that said, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to let you know that the Darling team is considering re-printing their first issue. Selfishly, I would like to have one, but beyond that if you are looking to question what you know about the “modern mold of woman,” then this first issue might be a good place to start.

xx Katie

We’re honored to share your words, Katie! We’re glad you can find pieces of yourself within our pages. 

Order your copy of our latest Issue No. 9 or sign-up to become a Darling subscriber, here.

Image via Jadyn Noelle


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