A woman looking at the camera with a man looking down with his hand on his head

Love is…

Messy, when in the human form

Hard, when it feels like a tug-of-war

Deep, when the connection is genuine and on a soul level

Freeing, when given without requirement or expectation

Strong, when it endures seasons of change

Safe, when it is something to come home to

Joyful, when it is exciting and new

Humbling, when given generously to others

Gut-wrenching, when torn from your arms

Disappointing, when it falls short of your hopes

Reliable, when it remains steady through life’s ups and downs

Beautiful, when it embraces your imperfections

Real, when it stands by your side

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What does love look like to you? How would you define it?

Image via Tony Li, Darling Issue No. 21


  1. I love it! For me, it is joyful when my best friend is my lover, and our conversations are full of laughter

  2. so real! profound take on the many, many faces of love. refreshing & poignant against a societal landscape that often emphasizes only one side. thank you!

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