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Body image can be clearly linked to a cultural ideal, but it’s also fact that a woman’s self-perception of her own physical beauty can differ greatly from how others see her. Women today are faced with a daily onslaught of mind-consuming myths about their physique, often times producing an unhealthy internal resignation to the lie that screams “you will never match up.”Many women nevertheless remain controlled by an external struggle to gain approval by competing with Westernized societal stereotypes of the “perfect”body.

Ultimately, countless women will alter their bodies in some way—even if it means undergoing surgery. The American Association of Plastic Surgeons approximate that three percent of American women will undergo breast augmentation,a procedure with risks which remains top on the list of popular cosmetic surgical procedures worldwide. We all know that a decision to go under the knife should be weighed thoughtfully, as this clearly comes with risks: ruptured implants, infection, anaesthesia complications, or even potential dissatisfaction with the final outcome.

Surgery or no surgery, a vast majority of American women still profess to be dissatisfied with their breasts—whether it be grumbling about their size, shape, appearance or positioning. We’ve probably noticed first-hand that these body parts come in various sizes and shapes. Yet it’s clear that a great number of us are clinging to ideals when it comes to our own bodies—and especially when it comes to our bust lines.

The question is, how do you feel about your breasts, and about your bra size? Certainly you are normal if you admit to feeling some discontentment about your bosom! Though it’s important to accept our natural body types, below are a few things you can try to make your bust (be it big or small) a beautiful asset…

Find The Right Bra Size

Regardless of your situation, it’s important that we wear the right bra size. Many of us (regrettably) have never taken the opportunity to be appropriately measured, and thus continue to wear the incorrect bra size. Start by taking care in measuring your bra size for yourself, or request a professional fitting, and be sure to wear bras that feel comfortable and flattering.

We all want a bra that fits snug and holds the “girls” in place, however too-tight bras can contribute to shoulder and back pain. Some say that they can also constrict lymph drainage, and thus may increase cancer risk. It’s said that a bra that’s not overly constricting might actually lower our chance of developing breast cancer. So beware of a bra that’s too tight! Finding a good fit is essential; a well-fitting bra can work wonders for your bust line and potentially help us to stay healthier.

Now, there’s actually more to this than simply purchasing the right bra. Do you know how to put the bra on correctly? Allow me to offer a few hints that will boost the goal of support, comfort and lift:

  • With arms through the straps and the unhooked clasps at your back, lean forward.
  • Bending forward at the waist permits your busts to fall naturally into the cup.
  • Clap the hooks at the back.
  • Adjust the band as needed, and lift each breast comfortably into the cup.
  • Standing straight, tighten the shoulder straps to the right length (do this every time you wear a bra).

Squeeze in Some Exercise

Beyond your brassiere, executing good posture and maintaining regular exercise are two additional secrets to giving your bust a lift. If you want to prevent them from heading south, a good place to start is at the gym! Big or small, you’ll be encouraged to know that with time, exercise can actually enhance the shape of your breasts.

For the less-endowed ladies, among countless other weight training exercises used to target the pectoral muscles, push-ups remain an easy-at-home-exercise which can tone your chest to add healthful definition and shape.

If you have a larger chest to start with, a comfortable and supportive sports bra for exercise is an absolute must. A woman with a generous bust will all-too-easily succumb to poor posture., so it’s important to focus on creating a strong core. To best support your bosomy physique, remember the importance of developing abdominal and back strength, which can be developed by doing the plank pose and also through Pilates.

Choose The Right Clothes

If your body shape is better described as “Twiggy” and not “Marilyn”, take it from me and stay away from the low-V, low-square, or deep scoop necklines. Instead, try higher, asymmetrical, or gathered necklines, as these are the most flattering for this type of bust line.

As for some styling tips for the buxom gal, you can surely say yes to v-necks or scoop necklines (though be sure they aren’t too low—you want to keep a little mystery!). Try to stay clear from big necklaces and from tops with dainty straps, as these are less flattering to your body type. Oh, and remember to select swimwear that offers more-than-adequate support and coverage!

When it comes to the “girls,” be sure to buy a supportive bra that fits you nicely, put it on correctly, and fit in some exercise that’s best suited for your body type. But more important, be content with what you’ve been given and know you’re beautiful. It’s important to remember that the art of being a woman is based in contentment—accepting our individuality, caring for our bodies, and learning ways to reveal our natural loveliness. There are a lot more important things to worry about than your chest—trust me! Are you healthy? Then be thankful for what you have!

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  1. reddit.com/r/abrathatfits is a fantastic resource. Because honestly, depending on where you go, a “professional” fitting may be anything but accurate. If they don’t have your size in stock, a lot of times they will just put you in whatever they DO have in stock! The ladies on reddit also have lots of information about breast shape in relation to which styles work best, etc.

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