LA has a lot to offer; you can tell by the number of tourists regularly trekking up and down Hollywood Blvd.

Yet, while there’s something alluring about the stars and the movie sets, there’s also something incredibly sweet about the nondescript places you won’t find in a guidebook, places that have been built into the skeleton of the city and contain much more than a trendy facade. In particular, we’re talking about the Secret Staircases — literal steps into the past — that can be found in various areas all around town.


Built to connect neighborhoods long before highways were built here, LA’s Secret Staircases are not only a living slice of history, but they also provide a great free public workout — for tourists and local Angelenos alike. Take the stairs in short, sprinting bursts or load up on iTunes and slowly hike one step at a time. Either way, you’re bound to feel your heart beating and muscles burning while taking in some of the prettiest scenery the streets have to offer.


With Gap debuting their new line of activewear, Fit, we thought it would be perfect timing to detail two of our favorite staircase workouts here at Darling. Follow along as Sarah, our editor-in-chief, stylishly takes you through Los Feliz (directions below) and Beachwood Canyon (to be detailed in an upcoming post) showing how easily transitional Gap Fit can be from workout to daywear.

Los Feliz Secret Staircase (Est. 1924)
How to find it:
Enter the Los Feliz steps where North Berendo Street meets Cromwell Avenue. Once you reach the top, continue right along Bonvue Avenue until you see a second set of stairs on the left directly across from Glendower Avenue. You’ll crossover a dead end on Bryn Mawr Road before reaching the final ascent, which lands you at the lamppost on top of Glendower Avenue. Take in views as far as Glendale and downtown LA — not to mention, catch your breath — before turning around to take the (much easier) route back down.

Photography and Videography by Sherman Thomas; “Run and Hide” performed by Paris Carney

 gap This post was sponsored in collaboration with Gap


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