Beachwood Canyon is a tiny cove tucked away in the hills with a distinct feel for golden age Hollywoodland. Here you’ll find a mosaic of perfectly designed homes, a charming vintage store, delicious cafe, and … our second Secret Staircase workout location.


Warning: These stairs are steep, a tad narrow, and not for the faint of heart! Yet, they are truly unparalleled, lined with blooming jade trees and original, ornate ironwork. They require more of a hunt to find, but are 100% worth the effort. Skip Runyon Canyon (which is always crowded) and the popular hike to the Hollywood Sign (you can’t access it, anyway) and instead, take in the views provided by Beachwood’s quiet and shady nooks. Who knows, you might even find a castle along the way …

Post workout, refuel with a green smoothie and Fez bowl from Beachwood Cafe. As Sarah shows, Gap Fit makes this transition super simple: stow a pair of cute shoes in your car, add an accessory or two, and you’ll fit right in with the best of Hollywoodland.


Beachwood Canyon Secret Staircase (Est. 1928)
How to find it:
There are many path variations in Beachwood, however, we’re sharing just two of our favorite climbs to get you started and that loop back around to the center of town. Begin slightly north of the cafe on Beachwood Drive, paying close attention to the houses on the right side of the street. Once you pass 2800 you’ll find the first entrance to a long set of stairs. Conquer these and you’ll land atop Westshire Drive. Follow this road to the right as it climbs uphill slightly before turning downhill. You’ll curve around a bit (watch for oncoming traffic) before reaching the second set of stairs on the left. They’re in the corner of the last bend before Westshire Drive straightens out. This straight set appears to shoot directly up into the sky, however, take heart. Waiting at the top of this stretch is Hollyridge Drive and some pretty epic architecture. Take in the view, give your legs a stretch, then head back down.

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Photography via Sherman Thomas

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  1. Is there an actual address to locate the stairs? I spent 17 years residing in Silverlake, however, I’m relatively new to this area an do not know it well. Thank you very much.

  2. I went to LA back in May and The Secret Stars was one of the best finds! I did this exact set. Not only was it was such a good work out, but also a great way to explore off the beaten path.

    1. You’re so right! We loved spotting the different houses, every setting unique and you probably wouldn’t discover otherwise. And with the cafe waiting for you at the bottom … it’s a win-win.

    1. You’ll have to give these a try. With so many entry points in Hollywood (and so many eager to hike the canyon, instead) these stairs are the perfect crowd-free alternative:)

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