The inspiration behind this shoot came from the desire to explore our inner dialogue and create a visual representation of the transitions we often experience. So often, our physical surroundings have an impact on how we are feeling and perceiving ourselves and the world — and it is so important for us to remember that we have the power to change that if we do not like the affect our surroundings are having on us.

Here, these images speak to the same woman in three different settings, and show how different her entire persona becomes depending on her location. The way that she views herself changes based on the lens she is viewing the world through. It is empowering to remember that if we do not like the way that we are viewing ourselves, we can surround ourselves with people and places that bring out more of the best in us.

Where or who brings out the best in you?

Photos + Styling via Echo and EarlHair + Makeup via Lou McLarenModel is Jessie of Vivien’s


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