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Every woman has a story. But sometimes, she just needs a little help in telling it. Verity Vareé is making it their aim to do just that with their upcoming publication, Verity Vareé~A True Beauty Collective. Publishing stories of real women in their real expressions of beauty, we couldn’t help but feel inspired by what Verity Vareé is doing in their Kickstarter, below. We know you’ll feel the same.


We are a small team of female creatives living in beautiful rural Virginia, striving to create a community and publication that reveals the truth about beauty through women’s stories. Our team does this in numerous ways including: producing quality photoshoots and interviews of unique women for our website, blogging on meaningful topics, featuring other like-minded creatives, speaking at conferences and private events, hosting true beauty workshops, life coaching, and creating cozy community-driven events with our event partners, Fika Gatherings.


This year we want to continue telling women’s stories and spreading the truth about beauty by printing our first Verity Vareé~A True Beauty Collective, featuring all of the women who have told their stories through our unique Reveal process! Our Reveals feature each woman in her natural state (no hair styling, or makeup), then in her stylized state (complete with her dream wardrobe, hair, and makeup) in order to show the value of her natural self as well as the value of expressing her personality creatively through makeup, hair, fashion, etc. These photoshoots, combined with an interview, tell her story in an innovative, detailed fashion.

Our book will be the first of many! We’ve made it our goal to tell as many stories as we can in order to show the unique value of all women, proving that inner and outer beauty take numerous forms!

Kickstarter to Watch: Verity Varee | DARLING


Am I beautiful?  This age-old question is what we are answering through Verity Vareé. And our answer is yes. Every woman has been given a beauty completely unique to her. It is revealed through her story, and we want to tell it!

When a woman sees someone else bravely tell her story, she starts to see the worth, value, and unique properties of her person…and she thinks, “Maybe my story is that beautiful too!”

In a culture where we are faced with endless standards for our waistline, paycheck, success level, etc, we are sharing a message that welcomes every woman at every age, stage and walk of life, in order to prove that her gift of beauty is something only she has the power to express boldly and vibrantly, because it is completely hers.

Kickstarter to Watch: Verity Varee | DARLING


We would love for readers to join us in our mission by supporting our Kickstarter campaign to print our first publication! You can also support us by sharing our articles and spreading the word about this message with friends and family! Our Kickstarter will be offering an elegant array of rewards to our supporters ranging from handmade journals, adorable mugs, and handwritten thank-you letters from our team, to a weekend with Verity Vareé, your own Reveal, and a beautiful breakfast with us here in Virginia! Please know that your contribution, big or small, is serving to spread the message of true beauty in a powerful and tangible way.

We can’t wait to meet you and welcome you to the #liveverityvaree mission!

Images via LaRue Photography 

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