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40 Winks™. Perfect for Explorers, transform any chair into a cozy place of rest with this beautifully-designed, self supporting pillow made of soft cotton jersey fabric.


I travel a lot.  It was after one particularly long, tiring trip across Europe that I realized I had to do something to make travel more comfortable.

We all know that the best way to get through a long flight or road trip is to take a good, long nap.  If you’re like me, sleeping in a seated position is nearly impossible and inevitably leads to being jolted awake in a panic.  The alternative – a travel pillow – doesn’t do the one thing you need it to:  support your head.


The 40 Winks™ pillow.

Ingeniously-designed, the 40 Winks™ pillow uses opposing pull from your own body to create comfortable and real support for your head from either side or from behind.


Correct pressure distribution is essential for this pillow to work.  By keeping the arms of the pillow wrapped flat and wide around your body, pressure is evenly distributed over a broad surface.  This creates an opposing pull or counterbalance providing all the support you need.


My name is Jennifer Klekas and I live in Los Angeles, California. I am a wife, a mom, and an actor with a passion for creating comfortable spaces.  Whether it’s creating a comfy-casual interior space or fine-tuning the specifics of 40 Winks™, my focus is on uniqueness, quality and details.

My husband, Bill Klekas contributes his strong business background and experience. He’s worked with top orthopedic surgeons from across the United States and the world for the last 22 years to facilitate product development. He has contributed invaluable input at crucial times during the development and design of 40 Winks™. He also brings to the table the unique ability to connect with people from all walks of life — he is Greek and Italian after all.

To learn more and pledge your support of the 40 Winks™ pillow, visit here!

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