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Tomorrow is the day—our Beauty Revolution has almost arrived! As a way to help us all “discover beauty apart from vanity,” we are inviting you to replace your current photo on social media profiles with one that is 100% makeup free. It’s scary, yes, but we think we’ll all find that the freedom is a beautiful thing in itself!

If you’ll be joining us, we invite you to wake up tomorrow and post your bare-faced photo along with this (or something similar in your own words) as your status:

“I’m starting my New Year by going bare. Today I’ve changed my profile picture to celebrate REAL beauty. This year, I want to try a little harder to love the girl that looks at me from the mirror in the mornings, before the mascara and flat iron do their work. I want to participate in building a new beauty culture that will encourage women to be and love themselves instead of contributing to the jealousy, self hatred, and competition that social media often perpetuates between women. To join Darling Magazine’s Beauty Revolution and take your own stand, click here:”

The Darling Core Team will all be participating in this, and we want to know if you are too. Share your true beauty with us by mentioning us in your social media post—we’re on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We can’t wait to hear from each of you as you embark on this exciting revolution with us.

Happy New Year, beauties!

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