Our summer issue is here and we couldn’t be more excited to get it in your hands! While eagerly awaiting some goodness to arrive in your mailbox, we invite you to enjoy this sneak peek of what Darling No. 8 contains. This summer we’re highlighting what it looks like to seek peace in solitude, how to cease from excessive striving, and the beauty of revisiting the past in order to gain insight for the present. We hope this issue grants you an oasis in the midst of wherever the season takes you.



Inside The Beautician | a feature by Lauren Conrad detailing the balance of inner and outer beauty:

While there is value in being modest, I believe it is important that we love ourselves and strive everyday to be the person we want to be, but this shouldn’t solely apply to our outward appearance.


Inside The Dreamer | a reflection by singer Zee Avi on the power present in song:

Yes, there are tunes for every occasion. Every vibe and emotion. We are only human, so we must spare some time to embrace each rolling wave of feelings, and see these moments as times when we can get to know ourselves better.


Inside The Confidant | an in-depth look at the difference between the genders:

Are men and women really that different—one from Mars, the other from Venus and all that? The answer is yes. It’s also no.


Inside The Hostess | a collection of recipes using unusually sourced ingredients:

And so it was that I and my desert-dwelling grandmother, keen on home-crafted sweets, began experimenting with desert-inspired desserts.

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Images via: Lauren Conrad by Trever Hoehne; Zee Avi by Koury Angelo; Yes & No by Chris and Sarah Rhoads; Sweet Disposition by Jeremy Samuelson

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