Ahhh, fashion.  Isn’t it just the best?  Recently there have been dozens of new parody videos circulating the web about “things girls say.” They are so hilarious, and not only did I find myself embarrassingly watching one after another for about thirty minutes the other night, but I came across one that spoke directly to ME. “Things FASHION girls say.” Oh dear. I’ll admit it. I am one hundred percent guilty of everything that one-minute-and-fifty-eight-second video had to offer. I found myself laughing out loud, but totally cringing on the inside.

In the video, a big burly man dressed up as a girl comically mocks things that girls say who keep up with the fashion industry:

“Is she really wearing that?”

“She thinks she’s sample size.”

“She was wearing Uggs…”

“Who is her stylist?!”

Does this sound familiar? How many of us turn fashion into a game? Turn it from being fun and experimental, to competitive and judgmental?

Luckily for us, not everyone turns fashion into a whirlpool of unfavorable content. Designer Giovanna Randall and her line Honor, have quickly become a giant in the industry by promoting good design and beauty among fearless women.

Randall began by studying opera and vocal performance in New York City at Columbia University. With her mom being an artist, Randall was taught how to sew at a very young age and always knew she held a passion for the arts. But against her better judgment, she continued with school to pursue a degree in pre-med. Thankfully, with the encouragement of her husband she determined that clothing design was where her heart was, and soon she was attending FIT and interning at C’N’C Costume National in Milan. Immediately following, Honor was born.

In nearly every interview, Giovanna speaks with sincerity, devotion and energy as she describes the “Honor woman:”

“When I design for Honor, I am designing for that kind of woman. She is strong, complex, mysterious…whatever else you might want to be. I draw from the images of both iconic women and special women in my own life to create my collections. I ask myself if they would wear them.”

She continues: “I think the Honor woman is one part Grace Kelly and one part [a] modern woman, like a Karen O. from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Someone who is not afraid to just be anything.”

Hmmm. Someone who is not afraid to be something. Inspiring, yet so intimidating!

For some, it is hard to understand fashion, and everything that comes along with it. It can easily become materialistic and obsessive, petty and arbitrary. Believe me, even I catch myself getting caught in the world of “wants and not needs.” But once the layers of the clothing industry peel off, the beginnings of how we dress, what we like and what we choose to put on for the day, represents us in more ways than one.

Let clothing inspire you. Find creativity in design, and don’t be afraid to walk out of the house wearing those bright purple wide-leg pants you found at the thrift store last summer. Break out the pretty dress you’ve never worn because it was “too fancy,” and allow today to be the yes-I’m-wearing-this-even-though-I’m-at-the-grocery-store-day. Why not?

Giovanna Randall didn’t let anything get in her way of realizing her full potential as a woman and an artist. Inspired by admirable women, she now designs for admirable women.

Yes, I’ll confess to watching that video of the man with a huge beard and blonde wig a few more times. So what. It’s funny. And if I’ve learned anything from watching it, ahem—26 times—I don’t want to be that girl. Next time I’m in my car, and I drive past the lady wearing the fancy dress walking her dog, instead of rolling my eyes, I’ll smile and think, “heck yes she’s wearing that.”

Being innovative, staying confident and having a sense of humor will always look far better than any amazing ensemble.

For more inspiration and information check out Honor online.


Photo Credits:  fashionista.com

Interview Sources: stylecaster.com ;  nbcnewyork.com