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YAY! We’re celebrating because we have made it to our minimum goal and have raised over $66,000 since we’ve launched our Darling Studios crowdfund campaign! Thank you to those who have invested; welcome to the Darling family!

We are beyond excited about the progress we’ve made, but this journey is far from over. Darling is at the forefront of a new wave of positive women’s media and we need YOU to join us as we lead the charge. Darling has already made huge waves over the past six years and here’s a few examples of how: challenging cultural ideals of beauty by not retouching women within our print publication for over five years, featuring women of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities and ages, as well as continuing to challenge our readers to engage in meaningful topics that lead to a transformative media experience.

As Darling grows and expands, we want you to know this: Darling’s mission remains to make media that truly matters. Through the launch of Darling Studios, we want to take the mission and momentum of the Darling Movement and creative enriching video content that will take the mission of Darling across the world. And not only this, as an investor you can gain access to exclusive perks such as being on-set with Darling, Darling Dinners and Retreats, a year’s subscription to Darling Magazine, private workshops with the Darling Team and much more.

Ready to jump in and make waves with us?

Click here to #JoinDarling & invest in Darling Studios!

ALSO: If you’ve had questions about the process, see below. We’re walking you through each step of the investment portal to make owning a breeze.

A Crowdfund Investment Guide:

We know investing can seem a bit intimidating, especially to those who have never done it before, but trust us — it’s not! In fact, MicroVentures has created a platform that makes investing both simple and fairly quick. Now you can actually OWN a piece of Darling with just a few clicks.

Here’s how:

Feeling ready to invest?

Click here to #JoinDarling & invest in Darling Studios!



Need a little more guidance? We’ve got your back. Keep reading for a detailed description of the investment process on JoinDarling.com.


Ready to #JoinDarling & make media that matters? Let’s do it!

Click here to #JoinDarling & invest in Darling Studios!



  1. Hi Darling! I see that there are 18 days left on the campaign. Is that the only time to buy shares? Will prices change after this initial period? Is this buying shares directly from Darling? Thank you for the info!

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