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Who’s ready for spring? While we may not be in control of the weather, here’s to hoping that Darling’s Issue No. 11 sparks something warmer and brighter in your spirit. Arriving in (and shipping out of) our offices today is our latest print issue featuring more of the exclusive content, inspiring visuals and depth of insight that you’ve come to know and trust of us.

Spring takes a fresh look at the concept of “Joy.” Through brightly colored, energetic imagery, this issue seeks to celebrate art, color and beauty in its various forms — from adorable portraits of children to 31 women, ages 13-93 photographed as their natural, true selves — the visuals are tear-out-put-on-your-wall-worthy! Within the words throughout the stories, you will find topics ranging from encouragement to choose gratitude to how to not be “perfect;” from being a gracious houseguest to how to really be present; from balancing ego and self-esteem to idealism in relationships; from women in politics to managing money; from how to not be a drama queen to truly loving others. All in all, this issue is a perfect companion for the bright season of Spring.

In the Letter From The Editor:

Yet we must meet Joy again, for she knows no age, shows no discrimination and isnt bound to a particular space or time to enter our life. Like a grandmother who doesnt care what were wearing, how much money weve made, or how close we are toarriving,” she embraces us and says, “I know weve met before, dear; lets go for a walk each morning until we become soul sisters and my ways become yours again.”

Read on below to get a sneak-peek inside Issue No. 11:

Darling Issue 11 - Preview Pg 6-7

Darling Issue 11 - Preview Pg 136-137

Inside The Beautician | a look at the spectrum of beauty and its broad definition.

The absolute miracle of beauty is that there are no repeats. No copies. And though we are all so different, the miracle of humanity is that we are still so much the same.

Darling Issue 11 - Preview Pg 110-111

Inside The Dreamer | a feature and article by YouTube sensation Ingrid Nilsen about choosing gratitude.

The most valuable realization I’ve had so far: No one or nothing can take away my choice to be happy except myself, just like no one or nothing can make me truly happy until I’m happy with myself.

Darling Issue 11 - Preview Pg 60-61

Inside The Hostess | an introspective look at what it (really) means to be messy.

As the naiveté of my 20s wore off, I realized that being a slob or untidy could actually be interpreted as being lazy or inconsiderate. My home could be an uncomfortable place for others to be in. I like to please people, so this concept really hit me hard. How much should I bend for others? Could I learn to be neat?

Darling Issue 11 - Preview Pg 80-81

Inside The Intellectual | diving into who Romeo really was and why we’re drawn to him.

He was borrowed from an English poem, taken from an Italian novella and based on a French tale. In short: Romeo is an archetype—a concept used over and over.

Darling Issue 11 - Preview Pg 46-47

Inside The Achiever | a piece detailing how to embrace our quirks in the workplace. 

Because I think it’s OK to acknowledge how absurd it is that the majority of our adult lives occur in a professional setting, with an array of people who otherwise might not meet. Seriously, average daily working hours in the United States often exceed those spent on every other activity, even sleeping, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Other studies estimate that workers will spend about 90,000 hours—roughly a decade—of their lives on the job.

Darling Issue 11 - Preview Pg 122-123

Inside The Confidanta look into the journey of dating and how to rightly approach finding a spouse.

Choosing not to shoulder the full responsibility of finding a mate means we value our partner’s participation. It also reveals our own worth; rather than chasing down a relationship we can trust that the right one will manifest itself. And when it does, the pursuit will be mutual.

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Images via Darling Issue No. 11

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