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There are so many ways we can spend our time waiting these days – we can catch up on emails on the bus heading to work, we can browse through our Instagram feed while waiting for our turn at the hairdresser or we can check our calendars and set more plans while waiting for a friend to join us for lunch.

These are all instant distractions that help make time pass, but rather than using our phone in this way, why are we not using these pauses to give ourselves a dose of inspiration?

Exposing ourselves to creative and inspiring content is good for us for many reasons. Our beliefs will be challenged, our creativity and skills will be questioned and we will find ourselves wanting to be better at what we do. The internet has enough superficial websites to entertain us for decades, but amid all of those there are gems that bear inspiring reads; the following are some of the unmissable ones.

1. HeadSpace blog

Primarily an app for guided meditation, Headspace also has a powerful blog with intuitive articles about helping us deal with mind, body and life issues like anxiety, death, happiness and relationships. Perfect if you want a mental break, this blog gives you a much needed dose of sanity amid all of the chaos of life.

2. Madeliene Rose

A daydreamer’s haven, Madeliene Rose’s stories bring the world of fashion and literature together, as the woman behind this blog writes dreamy short stories. Having conversations with writers and fictional characters while wearing the latest fashion trends, publishing inspiring quotes and sharing book suggestions, this blog makes a case for finding beauty in the everyday and using our daydreams to tap into our creativity.

3. 99u

When you want to become more productive, 99u has the tips you need coming from business men and women working in different industries. Whether you read the short snippets in the workbook, read the more data driven articles or watch a video, 99u is the website to read when you are lacking work motivation.

4. Local Milk

Elizabeth Kirby, the writer and photographer behind Local Milk, has created a blog that is aesthetically striking and useful thanks to the recipes she shares. More than just a food blog, Local Milk is an inspiring space on the art of slow living with the beautiful photography and food styling found here. And you may remember her from her recent #DarlingChats feature on Instagram.

5. The Paris Review Interviews

The second best thing to reading a writer’s novel or a poem is reading their Paris Review interview. From writers and poets who have long left this world like W.H. Auden and T.S. Eliot to the voices of the contemporary ones, the Paris Review interviews are unique in giving us a peak into the mad world inside a writer’s or a poet’s mind.

6. Career Girl Daily

From office wear to how to file your taxes, Career Girl Daily is a modern website with tips and tricks on how to succeed in your career in style, with confidence and with practical skills. Fun, girly but spreading a strong message, this website is great to help you keep your focus on your career goals.

7. Zen Habits

Leo Babauta, the man behind Zen Habits, has created a great blog to help us all change our habits. Inspiring, but also giving us detailed step by step guides on how to beat the habits that are stopping us from leading the best life we can lead, Zen Habits is the blog to read when you feel stuck in a rut.

8. The EveryGirl

A blog for the every girl, this website brings every aspect of a girl’s life in one space. From fashion and beauty tips to book suggestions, career tips, home décor and traveling articles, The EveryGirl is a source of inspiration when you want to dress better or host like a pro, when you want to better your mental health or simply to learn how to create the best at home living space.

These are some of the gems you can be reading during those quiet pauses in your day. Do you have a website you go to whenever you need a dose of inspiration? 

Image via Amelie Roy


  1. Thanks! I didn’t know about Career Girl and PRI, but they sound quite interesting! Some daily reads I love are Autostraddle, Rookie Mag and Yes and Yes – very different target audiences, I know!

  2. Skimm is an amazing way to glace through news, taking 5-10 minutes a day to refresh on current issues. Quite enjoyable with their added humor!

  3. Local Milk is be (Eliza)Beth Kirby – not Elizabeth Evelyn! From a devoted reader, please correct this miscredit!

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