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With the recent economic downturn in response to the global pandemic, we’ve all been affected in some way. The Wall Street Journal reports that coronavirus has triggered a downturn that could cost five million jobs this year in the United States alone. Also, the nation’s annual output is predicted to drop by $1.5 trillion. In the coming weeks and months, the economic impact might only get worse. It’s a tough situation.

Dusting off your resume to find work can feel overwhelming, especially if you are faced with switching career paths. Below, you will find a list of industries that are thriving throughout this time and transferable skills that can be used across different fields.

1. Delivery Services

Amazon is hiring hundreds of thousands of new workers at a newly raised wage through April. As people increasingly order their groceries from home and stock up on essential needs, you might also want to look at companies like Shipt, DoorDash and Instacart

Transferable Skills: time management, organization, customer service, problem solving

2. The Census Bureau

The U.S. Census Bureau has changed its approach due to Covid-19. Like many agencies, it’s gone digital. The entity continues to accept applications as it issues the 2020 census. 

Transferable skills: communication, administration, organization

3. Grocery Stores

The demand for groceries has increased dramatically with many grocery stores left with empty shelves. Grocery giants like Kroger, Target and Walmart have thousands of open positions nationwide, from grocery clerk to pharmacy manager. 

Transferable skills: customer service, organization, interpersonal skills, problem solving

4. Online/Digital Companies

There are many online/digital companies that have easily made the transition to remote work and are still hiring. Try Facebook, software engineer company VMWare Carbon Black and SquareSpace, a software company that focuses on website building and hosting

Transferable skills: communication, marketing, critical thinking, creativity, engineering

5. Medical Companies

Medical offices remain open by necessity, which means medicine and medical tech are in high demand. Philips is a leading provider in medical technologies that facilitates healthy living, helps clinicians to deliver better diagnoses and treatment and supports data sharing and analysis. GSK is a pharmaceutical industry leader that’s also hiring right now. 

Transferable skills: technology literacy, critical thinking, data analysis

6. Insurance Companies

Insurance providers are able to move online and remain in demand. There’s Healthfirst, an insurance solutions company, and UnitedHealth Group, a diversified insurance company. 

Transferable skills: technology literacy, administrative skills, data analysis

7. Finance Companies

Many finance companies have open positions. Deutsche Bank, Charles Schwab and Broadridge all have openings for a wide variety of positions from Sales Associate to Web Developer.

Transferable skills: customer service, technology literacy, data analysis

8. Urban Farming

Urban farming is an exciting new industry, and Bowery Farming is a pioneer in the field. They specialize in creating large-scale indoor farms to grow sustainable, high-quality produce. They are hiring for a variety of positions, including People Experience Associate, Product Manager and Account Manager

Transferable skills: customer service, creativity, organization, problem solving, passion for food and sustainability

9. Pizza Chains

Domino’s announced in a press release on March 19 that the pizza mega-chain has several immediate job openings, including delivery experts, pizza makers, customer service representatives, managers and assistant managers. Papa John’s is also hiring more than 20,000 new team members to serve its neighbors hot meals for delivery and carryout during this time.

Transferable skills: customer service, team player, communication, management

Hopefully, this list helps you in your search for work. Know that your skills are valuable. Eventually, the economy will take a turn for the better due to your work and so will your current situation.

Image via Coco Tran, Darling Issue No. 19

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