Springtime is here! It’s time to tuck away all the deep, dark colors of winter and pull out the fresh, sweet hues of spring. Pantone’s Color Report for spring 2014 is in, and although it’s intended for fashion, there is no reason why we can’t also bring the color into other areas of our life. The colors that made the list this time around are: Radiant Orchid, Dazzling Blue, Cayenne, Freesia, Sand, Hemlock, Paloma, Placid Blue, Celosia Orange and Violet Tulip.


Let’s begin with a gorgeous yet inexpensive solution to any home décor: a great floral arrangement. Whether on your kitchen table, bedside nightstand or a bathroom countertop, flowers bring in a burst of color and fragrance to change the mood instantly. Try bundling a tight bunch of Violet Tulip and Radiant Orchid colored freesia, tulips and delphiniums in a clean, glass vase. If you want to break up the monochromatic purples, add in a pop of color with some Freesia and Celosia Orange snapdragons.

With summer being right around the corner, it may also be the time to start eating a little healthier and a little lighter. The simplest and prettiest way to punch up your diet is to add bold-colored fruit and veggies. Treat yourself to a beautiful bamboo bowl (Sand) and stack up on strawberries (Cayenne), blueberries (Dazzling Blue), oranges and carrots (Celosia Orange), and lemons (Freesia). If you’re feeling like splurging a bit, invest in a gorgeous Le Creuset piece, where you can actually find cook and bakeware in every one of the Pantone Spring palette colors.

Let’s move onto the bedroom curtains and let in some glowing spring sunlight. The easiest way to change up the atmosphere is by exchanging your heavy bedding for a lighter, cotton set. Try muted colors such as Paloma, Placid Blue and Hemlock, which will bring a sense of tranquility and new beginnings exactly where you need it.

Just like your bedroom, the bathroom is also a great place to lighten things up. Either switch out those dark colored towels for ones that are fluffy, cotton and white, or throw down a colorful Aztec rug featuring tones of Cayenne, Hemlock, Dazzling Blue and Freesia.

Remember, it’s the little things that breathe new life into ordinary spaces; a splash of color truly goes a long way and can make a world of difference in your life.

What are your favorite spring colors? How do you incorporate them into your home?

Photo via Ana Kamin, palette graphic via Pantone

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