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Easter is almost here, but your celebration might look a little different this year. While you and your loved ones are most likely doing your best to stay indoors, it doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate.

Easter is one of the most celebrated holidays worldwide. According to Insider, $18.1 billion is spent on Easter annually with $5.7 billion of that spent on food and $2.9 billion spent on gifts respectively. Whether you are religious or not, the day is a great chance to spend with family and take time to celebrate the dawn of spring. Here are some ideas for how to honor this holiday despite the global quarantine. 

If You’re Quarantined with Your Significant Other…

Clean up your yard.

Have you looked out the window? Many areas are experiencing perfect spring weather. While you might need to stay home, you can still reap the physical and mental health benefits of outdoor exercise by cleaning up your yard. Get your gardens ready for planting and rake up all the winter debris.

No yard? No problem! Sweep off your porch or balcony and fill your containers with potting soil. 

Cook a romantic dinner.

Maybe you can’t order a bottle of red or white at your favorite Italian restaurant right now, but why not bring the romance to your dining room table? You can make a fantastic lasagna with ingredients like fresh spinach, sweet potatoes, ricotta and more. Don’t forget to pair the meal with your favorite vintage.

Plan a relaxing spa day.

You probably have a little extra time right now. Devote some of it to creating your own home spa. Use essential oils or scented lotion to create an aromatic atmosphere. Channel all your self-care knowledge by creating the perfect, bubble bath and face masks. This is the perfect time to sharpen up your neck massage skills.

Light candles to create a peaceful ambience. Play calming music or ambient noise in the background. Close your eyes and allow yourself to be at rest.

If You’re Quarantined With Your Kids… 

Have an Easter egg hunt.

You can still have an Easter egg hunt in your backyard. However, before you let your kiddos chow down on all that candy, make sure they wash their hands for at least 15 seconds to rinse away germs from playing outside and hunting for eggs. Even if you don’t have COVID-19 lurking among your dandelions, many outdoor surfaces can harbor germs and bacteria.

Create a rabbit character.

There’s nothing more fun than playing dress up and getting to act with your kids! Make costumes by cutting bunny ears out of construction paper and taping them to a headband. Use cotton balls to make a puffy tail for your favorite chocolate-delivering rabbit character. 

Make faux stained glass.

Why not bring church to you by making “stained glass” crafts? You can use cling wrap and magic markers for your youngest artists. Older children can craft garden globes and suncatchers using the real thing.  

If You’re Quarantined with a Roommate…

Host a dinner party.

If you haven’t showered due to no outside contact, then get dolled up in your best clothes. Break out the fancy dinnerware and pour a glass of wine. 

Have a sports competition.

You don’t need a game console to have a dance-off if you have a device that can stream YouTube. You can also use household objects, like pots and dish sponges, to create a makeshift cornhole game. 

Break out the games.

Get ready for some good times with a game night among friends! There’s no better way to have friendly competition and laugh at the same time. There’s so many options for games these days from board games, to card games to virtual games on your computer and phone. The possibilities are endless!

If You’re Riding Solo or Your Loved Ones Are Miles Away

Build a birdhouse.

You might feel isolated if quarantined alone, but you can use this holiday to better yourself. You can learn nearly any new skill with the help of the internet. Ring in Easter by dusting off that project you have meant to get to forever. If you want to give your backyard friends a new dwelling, then consider building a birdhouse. One cool idea is to design a roof with penny shingles, a feature that will shine in the afternoon sun.

Take a walk outside.

You can still get some exercise in just by going for a brisk walk or run around your neighborhood. The fresh air and exercise benefit your physical and mental health. In fact, studies show that time in nature decreases the body’s levels of cortisol, a stress hormone.

Rediscover letter writing.

There is something comforting about receiving a mailed letter. Rediscover this lost art and delight your recipient with a handwritten note. If you don’t like the look of your handwriting, then look up some tips on calligraphy. 

The quarantine will change the way you celebrate Easter, but it doesn’t have to take away the celebration altogether. With some creativity, you can have a blast regardless of your circumstances.

Easter 2020 will look different than previous years, but let’s not allow that to keep up from finding the joy. How are you celebrating this year?

Image via Martin Rusch, Darling Issue No. 11

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