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As the New Year rolls in and our list of resolutions for 2020 piles up, sitting pretty atop that list of new beginnings is the inclination to try new cocktails and craft beers. Refresh your taste buds and reinvigorate your soul while sipping these spur of the moment classics with a modern twist.

1. The Honeyed French 75

Proof that anything old can be made anew, The French 75—a timeless cocktail born post-World War I at The New York Bar in Parishas spun itself into the 21st century. A perpetual cocktail forever revolving into our lives, we now introduce you to the Honeyed French 75. Two ounces of dry, floral gin, ushered by a single ounce of freshly squeezed lemon juice, a half-ounce of honey, brimmed with champagne and garnished with a lemon twist and maraschino cherry, this sophisticated cocktail will find its way into your arsenal of top-shelf classics.  

2. The Tuxedo Cocktail

Reincarnated from upstate New York in 1866, The Tuxedo Cocktail has been rediscovered—its glory days unleashed to those of us who enjoy sipping on history. This historic cocktail will help you ring in the New Year with a punch from the past and redefine your Saturday evening drink of choice. Combine two ounces of gin with one ounce of extra dry vermouth, a quarter ounce maraschino, a couple dashes of orange bitters and cracked ice.

Stir until chilled, pouring the mixture into an absinthe-spritzed cocktail glass. Zest with an orange twist and sip slowly. 

3. Fireside Winter Ale

If a pint or two is more your thing, then wet your whistle with Salt Spring Island’s finest brew—a bottle of Fireside Winter Ale. Crafted off the Coast of British Columbia, Canada, this beer cords notes of vanilla and caramel with plum and apricot. Though a dark chestnut color when poured, Fireside is thinner and therefore crisper than most winter ales, with a two-finger lather allowing for a smoother than expected swig. 

4. Double Chocolate Cranberry Stout

Since beer is a boss and a sweet treat paired with your stout is likely appreciated, we’ve saved the best for last. Made with a slightly higher alcohol content than most, Muskoka Brewery’s award-winning Double Chocolate Cranberry Stout has made a lasting impression over the past few months. Available from November through mid-February, this stout is robust and sturdy, incorporating real cocoa and roasted chocolate malts with freshly harvested, Ontario cranberries—perfect for a relaxed night in.

Now that these classic cocktails are on your radar, celebrate 2020’s around-the-corner milestones while enjoying responsibly with someone special!

Do you have a signature drink recipe for New Year’s? What are some of your favorite selections?

Image via Ali Mitton, Darling Issue No. 20

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