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“It’s just a lot of mixed messages and honestly, it’s kind of paralyzing.”

When her DM slid into my inbox, I couldn’t help but chuckle—no kidding.

As a business coach for emerging and established entrepreneurs, I certainly shared my point of view that very likely contributed to this follower’s confusion. I believe that a combination of purpose and process leads to the most impact. Because my expertise is in intentional implementation (and I attract those struggling to execute their ideas), her paralysis is something I come across often.

Unprecedented times create unprecedented confusion. The thing I’ve heard over and over from my community during the pandemic has been: Am I supposed to be present or productive? How do I approach this? What’s the right thing to do?

Unprecedented times create unprecedented confusion.

Some people are saying now is the time to rest, while others are saying it’s the perfect time to birth a new brainchild, put your nose to the grindstone or start the next era-defining company.

I think it’s up to you. There’s no right or wrong velocity for your work—now or ever. You get to choose.

My company, Curate Well Co., had its highest earning month to date in March despite COVID-19’s widespread impact on our local and global communities. I credit this to my company’s ability to empower our community through choice. Ultimately, I believe that how, or even if, you choose to grow your business during and after the pandemic is a choice you have the right and ability to make.

Perhaps you feel stuck and you’re not quite sure the best way to promote your business, services or products. Below are strategies I use to market Curate Well Co. in our rapidly evolving climate and ways for you to set yourself apart as a leader.

Play the long game.

When it comes to promoting your work, consider your long-term vision. Instead of being reactive and selling from a place of fear, doubt or “shoulds,” empower others to make intentional and informed decisions. Remember that anything you react to right now could have implications that last months or years. Ensure that any pivots you’re making now aren’t to the detriment of your big picture plans.

[Don’t be] reactive and sell from a place of fear, doubt or “should’s.”

Stay true to your values.

Your values are how you do the things you do. Show your community that you are who you say you are, even when challenges arise. This is a time to lean into what matters to you most and what you believe in, and allow those things to guide your messaging and mindset.

Lean into your strengths.

Cut out the noise and remember your purpose. Focus on delivering what you already know you’re great at so you can make the most impactful contribution. Now is your chance to hone your unique expertise and make a difference when people need your gifts most.

Focus on delivering what you already know you’re great at.

Come from generous integrity.

Be generous in your understanding and support without sacrificing your worth. Maintain the integrity of your programs or products, especially when it comes to your pricing. If you’re aligned with your purpose, then you don’t need to discount your offerings.

Honor your commitments.

Most importantly, honor your word. Realign with your commitments and get creative on how you can fulfill them, even if it looks different right now. Following through will earn the trust and respect of your audience.

I’m proud and humbled to say that this approach supported my business’ highest earning month to date amidst a global pandemic and continues to support our ongoing growth. In times of uncertainty (which, let’s be honest, happen all the time, especially if you’re an entrepreneur), these are the key factors that support radical growth—personally and professionally.

Now, more than ever, the world needs brave leaders, and leadership comes down to authenticity. Claim ownership over how you want to show up—whatever that looks like. This will allow you to stand in your worth and pursue your purpose, no matter the circumstances.

Have you had difficulty selling services or products during this time? What are some business practices that you have found to be helpful?

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