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We know this sounds silly, but have you ever gone shopping and after the first store realized that you’re tired of trying things on? The zippers, the straps, the buttons and buckles, it can get pretty messy. Not only do you have to have a plan for where you’re going and what you want, but you also need to be prepared with what you’ve got on. Follow our simple hints and you’ll be a shopping professional in no time.

Know What You Want
It’s easy to just window shop, but if you’re setting an afternoon to look for a specific item (or items), the day becomes focused, and the probability of you purchasing by impulse becomes much slimmer.

Underneath Counts
Depending on what you are scouring the racks for, plan on wearing the right undergarments for that particular item. If you’re buying a pencil skirt for work, the perfect boyfriend jeans, or even a formal backless gown, you’ll want to know exactly how it’s going to look and fit before you actually bring it home.

Feel Good When Trying On Clothes
Now this may just be me, but I feel differently when I am wearing an outfit I like. I feel more confident, more outgoing and more willing to try on new things. So even though you are going shopping for clothes, wear something that still looks put together. Comfortable, casual, but still smart:

  • Stick with neutral colors to be able to envision the ideal look that you are trying to achieve. For instance, buying pants? Wear your favorite white top that you’ll most likely be pairing with those pants.
  • Also like your favorite top, make sure the items you wear are easy to throw on and off. Pull-over tops, simple cotton-stretch dresses and skirts (short or maxi length) that slip on work well too.
  • Also, if you are shopping for a dress that needs heels, bring the heels you will be wearing, so you can see the full effect right in the dressing room.

No Fitting Room, No Problem
If you happen to be browsing in a place that does not have a fitting room (consignment, thrift stores, vintage stores), then prepare by configuring a “base” outfit. A base outfit means an ensemble that allows you to try on clothes efficiently without getting fully undressed.

  • A slip dress (or any thin fabric dress) permits you to try anything on over it without the bulk, and also under it with bottoms.
  • Black leggings and a black camisole/tank work wonders as well.

Ship It
If you are shopping while on vacation or even just out of town, wondering how you will fit your new purchases back into your suitcase can be an issue. If this is the case (let’s say with buying outerwear), consider asking the retailer if they ship items. Most likely they do, and occasionally it’s tax free.

As Always, Some Extras

  • Keep your handbag small and hands-free
  • Leave your difficult shoes at home; stick with slip-ons, sandals or no-fuss ankle boots
  • Remember to bring your receipts if you have clothing to return
  • Bring quarters for parking meters; you never know where you’ll have to park

Nothing feels better than accomplishing a productive day, but stay positive and don’t be so hard on yourself when you don’t find that perfect garment. Tell yourself a hundred times how lovely you are in that mirror, because after all, it’s true. You are unique, creative and prepared! So go get some practice in before Black Friday sneaks up on all of us. The holidays are coming!

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  1. Thanks for these tips for dress shopping. I appreciate that you mentioned to look for specific items because it can focus your shopping. This seems helpful if you only want new dresses, for example, so you can avoid looking at other clothes and just dresses.

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