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How To Dress For YOUR Bridal Shower | Darling Magazine

Congratulations, you’re getting married! The few months before the wedding can be a bit hectic with making sure the venue is mapped out correctly, picking out flowers, getting the invitations to the mail and finding the dress, but it’s also a time to set aside those plans and celebrate with family and friends. You’ve already packed your registry with mixing bowls and Egyptian-cotton sheet sets, so in order to sit back and enjoy being blessed at your very own bridal shower, let us help you find the perfect shower outfit to create a look that beams beautiful bride.

Wear White
Besides being one of the most fashionable shades right now, there’s no better time to flaunt as much white as possible than at your own bridal events. White looks good on everyone because of its crisp, clean demeanor, so feel free to go head to toe.

However, this does not mean that you have to wear white. All colors of the rainbow are acceptable because this day is about you! If you feel you look great in blue, by all means, go that route instead. There are no rules to what colors or shades you wear.

Feel Pretty
As simple as it sounds, wear what makes you feel like the charming, classy, intelligent woman you are. Dresses are most popular for this occasion, and with so many styles and lengths, there are plenty of options to make you feel pretty. But if you find comfort and style in a great printed pant or even a short, those can be equally as cool.

If The Shoe Fits
Depending on where you are being hosted for this milestone, make sure the shoe you choose fits that location. Outdoors? Be weary of grass and choose a wedge or chunky heel. If you are indoors, the world is your oyster. Also, don’t forget summer is filled with fun open-toed shoes, so don’t feel like you have to wear heels. Sandals are a perfect choice; just make sure they aren’t flip flops.

Take A Step Back
Besides the actual wedding day, this is a day that represents you as a future wife. Because you’re so busy planning and crossing things off the list, it gets hard in the middle of the shuffle to evaluate what you’re really preparing for. Take a moment to yourself to survey the room and accept and appreciate all the love and support that is being given, we promise, you’ll remember more this way.

Getting married is a wonderful gift, so try and welcome the adventure of planning a future with the one you love. Feeling overwhelmed is part of the process, but don’t let that feeling steal the joy of this amazing experience. You’re in love, shout it from the rooftops and don’t forget those thank you cards!

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  1. Where can I find the white dress in this picture?! I love it and want to wear it to my bridal shower. Thanks!

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