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The following is an article on how to dress for your baby shower if you happen to be one of our Darling readers who is expecting 🙂 If you’re not pregnant, but attending a baby shower this summer, be sure to check out Cathleen’s previous article, How To Dress For A Bridal Shower, as attire for bridal and baby shower attendees is generally similar.

It’s starting to happen. Remember months ago when I spoke about going to all those weddings? Usually when you know people who have gone through the blessed occasion of getting married, a few years later…the babies begin to come. As of now, I know six women who are pregnant, and all pretty much due within weeks of each other. Myself never having been with child, I had to call on some of these friends to help lead me in the right direction to finding out what to wear to your own baby shower.

Show It Off
Of course your guests are there to see you, but the real star of this party whether you like it or not, happens to be your belly. You’ll be without a bump soon, so now’s the time to highlight it by choosing something that hugs your tummy, not hides it.

Comfort, Comfort, Comfort
Stolen from a mom on her second, this tip was given to me with extreme importance. Usually by the time baby showers start to happen, moms are already in their third trimester (if not close to it), which can mean no sleep, back aches, heartburn and frequent trips to the bathroom, so comfort is highly valued. View the following as a must-have list:

Cover Up
Depending on the time of year, you’ll want to keep an easily removable sweater or jacket nearby in case your fluctuating hormones get the best of you and force you to be sweating one minute, and chilly the next.

Keep The Height Low
When it comes to swelling, it seems like feet get the worst of it. I would hardly tell a woman to wear flats (I wear heels everyday), but if there should be any conflict about heel height, this would be the best time to keep it under three inches…O.K. fine, two inches.

Don’t Forget Accessories
Accessories can be very helpful when trying to jazz up your ensemble. A chunky necklace with lots of color can brighten up a solid jersey dress, or if your outfit isn’t quite form fitting, consider using a belt to define the belly. A belt on top of the bump reads preppy, and under the bump reads more bohemian.

This is such a beautiful time in your life, try and remember that even though you may not feel it, you look incredible. There isn’t a pregnant woman on earth who doesn’t deserve feeling like the gorgeous selfless person she is, so celebrate this event with joy. After all, the bump won’t last and you’ll soon have another person to dress!

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