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Congratulations, you did it! We understand that graduating from college not only means you’ve completed a massive goal, but it also means you’ve succeeded in eating cafeteria food, hardly sleeping because of your loud roommate and pulling all-nighters for exams. Getting to put on that well deserved cap and gown is more than an amazing feeling, but before you walk through the cheering crowd with your fellow classmates, finding the right outfit to wear beneath the robe can be challenging. To look and feel your best, consider the following tips…

Tip 1: Check The Weather
There’s nothing more uncomfortable than dressing like it’s 80 degrees when it’s actually only 65. With all the smart phones, reading the weather report has become easier than reading the alphabet.

Tip 2: Be Photo-Conscious
Remember that on this day, your every move will be documented. From morning to late evening, gown or no gown, hundreds of photos will be taken and shared via social media. These pictures may be framed for years to come, so ensure you choose something that not only represents you, but that you feel comfortable in. Also, refrain from choosing anything with extra volume, as wearing the gown on top will only make you appear (more) shapeless.

Tip 3: Choose Versatility
You most likely won’t have time to change in between events, so keep in mind you’ll want your look to be casual, but fun for both day and night. Simple little trick: the easiest way to change your look? Swap the shoes.

Tip 4: Skip The Stilettos
Speaking of shoes, avoid wearing stiletto heels. Not only will you be worried of tripping on stage when they call your name, but you’ll also be sinking into the grass with every step. Instead, try a shoe with a chunky heel, or best, a wedge.

Tip 5: Stay Hands Free
The only thing you’ll want to be holding is your diploma, so leave your extra large purse at home. A small cross-body bag that holds only your cell phone, camera (usually the cell phone is the camera) and wallet should be all you need. If you can find a cute dress with pockets, or feel daring with a fashionable fanny pack, we salute you!

Now that you’ve got a degree and killer look, go out and celebrate! There’s no other time than now to relish in achievement, freedom and pure excitement. After all, you’ve earned it!

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  1. I’m going to print this out and use it when I talk to my graduating students about how to dress appropriately for the ceremony. Another piece of advice I would add for the ladies: When wearing a dress, make sure it’s either longer than your gown or has a neckline that shows. I’ve had several graduates look like they were wearing nothing but the gown in pictures.

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