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Summer is notorious for living life outdoors because of the glorious weather. People are grilling up a storm in their backyards, friends are getting together for bike rides, and pool time is pretty much all the time. We’re positive you’ve been invited to several daytime barbeques at this point, and even if it’s a child’s birthday party or just a friendly cookout, we want you to be prepared for all the outdoor gatherings that are yet to come before this time of year comes to an end.

Move Freely
Because you’ll be enjoying company outside and moving around more often than you would be at a dinner party, you want to be comfortable. Steer clear of any body-conscious style dresses or skirts in case sitting on the ground is an alternative. An easier choice would be a circle skirt, flowy dress, and even maxi dresses are perfect for these occasions.

Protect Yourself From Tan Lines
Although tops with a strappy back detail is super cute, wear them with discretion. A top or a dress with difficult or cross-patterned straps can mean trouble if you don’t remember to take precaution with sunscreen. No protection against the sun could mean you’ll be left with undesirable tan lines.

Skip The Silk
Silk is a great choice of fabric for most events because of its beautiful texture and lightness in weight. However, for outdoor appearances where you’re most likely to get hot and sweat, skip the silk just this time because any wetness will show up, and we don’t want that.

Wrap It Up
Always remember to bring a simple lightweight cover up, such as a denim jacket, or even a large scarf to be able to wrap yourself up once the sun goes down.

Leave White Out
With all the delicious foods you’ll be eating (sometimes standing up), it’s a close guarantee that something could spill. Don’t take the chance of wearing your new white dress to only acquire a new green stain.

Add It On
If you’ll be at a park with lots of tree shade, you can get away with much less than you would if you were in full sunlight, but hats and sunglasses are very much welcomed. Flat fashion sandals are excellent for skipping around and low wedges are ideal for a little lift while on grass.

Wherever you’re going before this season is over, be sure to take advantage of the beautiful weather and have fun getting dressed in festive colors and fun accessories. There’s never a better time to be outside than now!

Photo by Shannon Lee Miller


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