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The year of 2012 was the year that friends at work made fun of me. I started to dread people asking me what I was doing for the weekend. Nearly my entire year was already planned. “You know what I’m doing this weekend,” I replied. They would gasp. “No!! Not another one! You’re lying.” I wasn’t lying. I was in fact, going to another wedding.

Even though it took up my entire year, I loved every minute. I adore the excitement, the commitment, the glamour, the outfit planning. In the past few years, I’ve been to about twenty-two weddings (not including my own). I say “about” because I might have missed a couple. Plus, there are seven weddings I didn’t count because it’s been more than a few years for those, and that would just be cheating.

With nearly twenty-nine weddings under my belt, and maybe one outfit repeated, I’d like to think I’m somewhat of an expert when it comes to learning how to dress for such an occasion.

The easiest way to start is by reading the invitation. The invitation is the window to the entire theme of the event. Where is the wedding being held? Is it casual by the beach? It is formal at a golf club? Is it cocktails at a museum? Or is it lighthearted in a barn? Get the feel for the couple getting married (after all, you know them well enough to be attending) and then you can begin the fun process of putting together an outfit.

As discussed in our previous post about how to dress for a bridal shower, the same rule applies about wearing white to a wedding. It’s a very short and simple answer of: please do not, ever. Unless the bride and groom have announced they are having an all-white party (it’s been done before—don’t we all remember Kim Kardashian’s black and white wedding?), wearing any shade of white will get you a few awkward looks from guests who are familiar with traditional wedding etiquette.

Once the location is determined, let us move forward in planning an appropriate debonair ensemble. Consider the following as possible suggestions…

For The Casual Wedding: Least Dressy
Dresses that are free-flowing silhouettes, brighter colors and perhaps with belted details can all be worn with ease to an outdoor or non-traditional wedding. Soft, breathable fabrics are great for these types.

For The Cocktail Attire Wedding: Dressy
More form fitting dresses in darker colors, possibly with some embellishment are always welcome in a dressier setting. If form fitting isn’t your style, try an A-line dress in a nice fabric or something with some swing, but gathered at the waist to give definition.

For The Formal Wedding: Very Dressy
Formal weddings don’t come around that often, but when they do, wearing a floor length dress is the way to go. Stay classy by keeping the dress simple and staying away from too many skin-baring-cut-outs or sequins.

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