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The furthest I’ve ever driven in a car was fifteen hours to see a beautiful wedding in Boise, Idaho. My two girlfriends and I packed up the car and drove from California, through Nevada and right into Idaho on a trip that I’ll never forget. And not because I got a speeding ticket a half mile away from our final destination (that happened), but because of the people I was with, and how much fun we had. Road trips can be super amazing, or absolutely dreadful, and with a prepared vehicle and essential pieces of clothing, we’re sure to send you off in the right direction, no matter the distance.

Just like our [insert HTD airplane post], the same rules sort of apply when it comes to comfort and layering. You’ll be sitting for several hours, so choose lightweight tops and stretchy bottoms. Relaxed silhouettes are your best friend in these types of situations, so try loose fitting pants, slouchy shorts or a flowy skirt. (Tip: Printed fabrics are best for hiding spills, stains and wrinkles.)

Be Adventure-Ready
You’ll be encircled by dust during those long awaited pit stops, so focus on choosing adventure-ready clothes. You never know what you’ll find when surrounded by the open road, and when you do get out to stretch the legs, you won’t want to worry about getting something dirty.

Slide It On
Depending on how long the travel, it’s best to wear non-fussy shoes so that they are easier to get on and off quickly. Flats, loafers, sandals or any lace-less boots work.

Take Safety Seriously
Besides having the time of your life, always remember to wear sunscreen, buckle your seatbelt and stay off your phone; leave that up to your co-pilot in the passenger seat to take care of. Also, when feeling sleepy, don’t just drink another Red Bull. Set in motion to switch drivers every few hours to keep everyone fresh.

Other Things To Bring

  • A GPS system in case your phone dies
  • An old school print out map or specific directions in case your GPS dies (right?)
  • An amazing playlist for when your favorite radio station turns into static
  • Snacks!! Fill a small cooler with water, Gatorade, fruit and other little treats to keep you from purchasing unwanted items at the gas station. However, I always manage to buy one little pack of mini donuts…it’s a tradition!

The best part about driving long distance with someone (or several someone’s), is the great conversation, and the experience. Keep your eyes on the road, enjoy the scenery and good luck!

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