We know there are some of you who have been attending outdoor music festivals since before they had their own iPhone apps, but in the past five years it seems they have really taken on a whole new persona. Photographers are sent out by popular websites to find the coolest (and sometimes most outlandish) outfits, celebrities attempt to go unnoticed with their posse and VIP passes, and clothing stores create whole collections based on “festival season.”

From Coachella to Lollapalooza, from Sasquatch! to Glastonbury, we want your look to be as comfortable as possible, all the while skipping and dancing from stage to stage in total ease and style.

Once you commit to going to a festival, make sure you do your research. Most events have rules you need to follow when it comes to packing your bag (like no camelpacks, blankets or chairs), or even vital information about transportation, lodging and, most importantly, talent lineup so you know what to expect.

Be Prepared

Music festivals can go all day long, so in order to be prepared for unpredictable weather, your outfit should be strategic. Depending on the venue and location, it could be sweltering hot or cold and rainy, so pay attention to the weather report.

As an initial guideline, choose fabrics that are sturdy on the bottom and lightweight on the top. Because your day is spontaneous in terms of where you’ll be sitting or standing, you’ll want to go with thicker fabrics like denim, twill or linen pants or shorts. Cotton tanks or t-shirts are always a stellar choice for a top because they are lightweight and easily layered. Also, anything that you choose must be easy to move around in; dancing, running, skipping and jumping are all great possibilities when entering the music festival world.

For a bohemian vibe:
Slightly flared denim pants + crochet tank + open cardigan + leather belt + tiny wedge sandal
Floaty maxi dress + denim jacket + wide brimmed hat + gladiator sandals

For a rocker vibe:
High-waisted denim shorts + band t-shirt + long sleeved plaid/flannel shirt + ankle lace-up boots
Skinny jeans + white t-shirt + leather (or faux leather) vest + Converse sneakers

For a beach babe vibe:
Floral sundress + lightweight anorak + colored sunglasses + canvas shoes
Cut-off denim shorts + peasant top + straw fedora + leather strappy sandals

For a minimalist vibe:
Boyfriend jeans + striped tank top + crop sweatshirt + simple ankle boots
Soft shorts + grey t-shirt + chambray long sleeve shirt + athletic sneakers

For an eclectic vibe:
Printed wide leg pants + crop top + fringe vest + tiny wedge sandal
Mid-rise denim shorts + sequin top + lightweight scarf + rubber knee-high boots

Don’t Get Damaged

Because festivals are usually held in fields of grass, dust, dirt and mud, don’t choose to wear your most beloved items in fear of them becoming damaged. Embrace pieces that have busy prints, as stains and wrinkles are easily disguised by them.

All About The Shoes

When deciding what shoes to wear, always go with the ones that you know can withstand an entire day of intense wear. Do not, by any means, buy new shoes and think they will be comfortable. They won’t. Flat shoes or ones with a tiny wedge heel is your best bet at success.

Embrace The Sun … Sort Of

Of course we need our daily dose of Vitamin D, but be sure to cover up as much as possible without going into hiding. Accessories like hats, sunglasses, lightweight scarves and, most importantly, sunscreen (even in your lip balm) will help with make sure your day isn’t ruined by unsightly and painful burns.

Just Say No To:

– Fabrics that show sweat marks (like silk).

– Super tight and constricting apparel that won’t allow motion or flexibility.

– Rompers. Though cute and comfortable, they are extremely difficult when trying to use the bathroom. Wear with caution.

– White. Although white is amazing and beyond fashionable, it may not be the smartest color for dresses or bottoms for this particular circumstance.

– Backpacks. They get in the way. Instead, choose something small to carry your items in like a fanny pack or cross-body bag.

Whether you are a boho chick, a rock star or a classic gal, take the time this season to enjoy the music and outdoor air, all the while dressed in style.

Are you attending any festivals this spring? What are your wardrobe staples?

Image via Elaine Torres

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