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True story. Nearly seven years ago, I had my first date with my now husband. He told me to be ready at 7:30am (yeah, 7:30. In the morning.), and kept the location a surprise. It was summertime, and I knew we would be outside, so I wore a white tank top and shorts with a lightweight jacket. Long story short, he took me to Sea World (incredible), but I starved for the first few hours because I was too embarrassed to tell him I was hungry, slipped and fell on wet ground (he caught me), realized my white tank was a bad idea when mixed with a water park and got pooped on by a seagull. Good thing he was awesome, because the date was no more than perfect.

Fortunately, most first dates aren’t this risky, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t just as stressful. Dates are supposed to be fun, enjoyable and more importantly, a way to find a connection between you and what could be your partner in life. With just a few tips, we know you’ll be well on your way to a wonderfully successful date number two.

Know Where You’re Going
Although it’s nice to be surprised sometimes, first dates probably aren’t the best venue for uncertainty. Plan for the meet to be somewhere that you’re familiar with, so that choosing an outfit may be easier. Or if he’s choosing, make sure you’re dressing for the location. Daytime coffee? Cotton dress and boots. Late afternoon hike? Active wear with running shoes. Nighttime comedy club? Chiffon top, skinnies and modest heels.

Be Comfortable And Keep The Mystery
We know we say it time and time again, but feeling comfortable in what you’re wearing really makes a difference in confidence level. Also, be mindful of staying classy in your choices, so save the crop tops and shorty shorts for casual summer days in attempt to keeping his attention on your words and not your body.

Be Prepared
There’s nothing worse than being cold (or unprepared), so always remember to have a jacket handy in case the date turns out great and goes longer than expected. You never know if your coffee chat turns into a walk through at a museum, or a quick bite to eat somewhere.

Keep Makeup And Jewelry Light
When it comes to beauty and accessories, stay minimal. You want this person to get to know you and see who you are, not be distracted by heavy eye makeup and clinking bangles. Opt for a lighter more neutral look; simple eye makeup with a natural colored lip and maybe your favorite watch or necklace.

Have Fun
If I hadn’t been ready for adventure and the unpredictable “events” that occurred that day at Sea World, I might have missed the great company I was in. Keep expectations at bay and simply have fun! The first date could be the start to something more amazing than you ever had planned.

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  1. My simple go to tip for dressing for a first date is wear what’s comfortable (meaning don’t wear something SO tight to cut off breathing) and wear something that ALWAYS makes you feel sexy. For me that’s a pair of high waisted skinny jeans and a low (but not too low) cut top. If it’s cold I’ll wear a super flattering leather blazer. Simple and works every time! The key is to feel confident.

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