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I was a freshman in high school when *NSYNC dropped their first album. Soon thereafter, I was a devout and intensely dedicated JC Chasez fan who wanted to be like every other girl in America and follow his tour bus wherever it traveled. Because of this teenage passion, I’ll never forget my first concert, nearly crying (yes, crying) when *NSYNC rose out of the smoke and onto the shining stage. The energy in that arena was like nothing I had ever felt, and it was overwhelming yet incredible.

We know summer time is usually known for its outdoor festivals, but what about those unbelievable one show concerts? Let it be country, electro, orchestra or pop, you can’t deny a brilliant live musical show. And deciding what to wear can be super fun if you have all the right elements.

Be Movement Friendly
Depending on what kind of concert you’re attending, you’ll want to skip the constricting pieces in case a dance-a-thon breaks out. Lightweight clothes for the constant moving (and perhaps sweating) are a smart choice.

Dress Fearless
There are two kinds of ways to be daring at concerts:

  1. With A Group of Friends: Let loose and be silly by choosing a theme. A friend of mine just attended the Justin Timberlake concert (how appropriate…*Nsync…) and had all her girlfriends dress up in blazers, slacks and ties after his number one single “Suit and Tie.” You never know what scouts will be in the audience looking for groups of clever and cute fans to pull up on stage.
  2. On A Date: A concert is a place to be a little more bold with outfitting. Have a sequin skirt you’ve never worn? What about a flashy jacket? Even dangly sparkly earrings can be fun. This is the perfect time to try out something you wouldn’t normally wear, so go for it! Just make sure to balance the outrageous with something basic so you aren’t being mistaken for the disco ball at center stage.

Cover Your Toes
Since you’ll most likely be standing most of the time, whether that means in line for the show, in line for food, in line for your seat or just to see the stage better, comfortable shoes is a must. Go for low wedges, boots or even the newest trend, bright colored trainers. Whatever the shoe, make sure it’s a closed toe so that if your neighbor happens to step on you, you’ll be protecting your toes from any unsightly injuries.

Hands Up
In order to raise your hands when your favorite song comes on, bring a small cross-body bag so you won’t have to bother holding anything. If you’re feeling forward, wear a cute fanny pack for the full no-hands effect.

In Your Bag
To keep your bag from filling up, consider bringing only the following:

  • Concert ticket
  • ID card
  • Cash
  • Cell phone
  • Chapstick/lipgloss/lipstick

We hope you get the chance to encounter some great live music this summer, inside or outside. It’s a beautiful talent that people have, and it’s a gift we are able to experience it. So get out there and check it out!

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  1. I got chills as you described *NSYNC rising from the stage 🙂 Also, good call on the hands free purse! Great article!!

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