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I love packing. It’s one of those things that most people hate, but the planning process and the challenge that comes with trying to squeeze several outfits into one tiny carry-on is merely exciting. And what’s even more exciting than packing? Getting to your beach vacation destination! You’ve waited so long for this day to come, so instead of stressing out about what to bring, let us guide you to the perfect restful wardrobe.

Go Light
Fabrics like cotton, rayon, linen and jersey knits are not only light in weight, but comfortable to wear because of their breathability in warm weather.

Plan Around Your Swimsuit
The easiest way to think about putting together outfits for a beach vacation is to try and plan around the bathing suit. Most likely, this is what you’ll be wearing quite often, so preparing simple ensembles with the suit in mind will help streamline the process.

  • Easy dresses can double as an outfit or as a cover up
  • Shorts can be worn with a bikini top or later at night with a blouse
  • Also with a bikini top or a blouse, wide leg pants can be super chic in nice linen
  • Basics t-shirts and tanks in soft cotton are a key item as they can be paired with anything. To stay versatile, keep graphics to a minimum; solids and stripes do the trick every time.

Layer Up
Even though you’ll be in beautiful climate conditions, depending on the location, there is usually a chance of cooler nights, and sometimes even summer rain. Make some space in your bag for a lightweight jacket or sweater (or both) just in case.

Protect Yourself
We should all know by now that basking in the sun without protection is a big no-no. Of course slathering on at least a 30 SPF sunscreen is a must, but bring a hat in an effort to keep the rays from damaging your precious face.

On Your Feet
Despite what a lot of people think, sandals can be dressy. Rubber flip-flops are great for daytime and walking around the beach towns, but finding a more fashionable option for the evening is attainable. Look for sandals with a small wedge heel, maybe a metallic sheen, or even some beaded detail to create nighttime look.

The biggest and most important thing to remember when getting the opportunity to take a little rest and relaxation trip is hydration (we want you to stay healthy), and happiness. Musician Bobby McFerrin said it best with his 1988 hit, “don’t worry, be happy!”

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  1. I find it so hard to pack for a carryon (but always have to take just a carryon). This really helps and is perfect timing for my Kauai vacation at the end of the month! Thanks Cathleen!

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