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Everyone wants to work in a field they love. It’s why you go to school, change jobs and volunteer in areas you’re curious about. Sometimes, it’s hard to know what you want to do with your life. A great starting point is to consider what you do in your free time.

What if you could turn that into your own business? It may take some strategic planning, but anything can become a full-time trade if you have the passion and drive for it.

Who says that the thing you are passionate about can’t provide steady income? You never truly have to walk away from what you love. Consider your passions in life to see if you can make a profit off them.

Here are some ideas for sparking your entrepreneurial creativity:

1. Read new books.

Some people can’t get enough time in the day to read. You might sit for hours on a cozy chair, absorbed in a book and lose track of time. Your reading list always seems to grow, along with the pile of books on the shelves around your home.

After you finish your next novel, consider creating your own blog. Write a book review and update the blog whenever you finish another great read. Once you’ve published a few reviews, you can check out companies that pay people to review books and submit your work to make a little extra cash. You can even pitch your talents to literary magazines that publish reviews weekly or monthly.

2. Create what inspires you.

Many artists wish their creations could be seen in places other than the homes. The first step to getting your work out there is to build an online following, which means posting aesthetically pleasing pictures of your creations on social media. Once you gain followers, you can start an online store.

Another approach is to sell your creations in stores. Collaborate with business owners and bring your products to events. The key is to know what buyers want, which is why you need to follow the latest trends. Also, pitch your art ideas to business owners. A few successful connections will keep your business afloat and gain referrals for future clients.

3. Write something, anything.

It’s challenging to find work as a creative writer, but the key to making it your full-time job is to gain experience. After you have a few short stories or poems to publish, check for open submissions for magazines and publishing houses.

The more you appear in print, the more likely you’ll get picked up by bigger agencies. You’ll get paid more if you have experience. Submit your work everywhere you can.

4. Create art with food.

Bakers know the sweet joy that comes from finishing a dessert with the perfect decorations. You can make anything you put your mind to, which now includes your own business. Start by baking cakes at low prices for family and friends. Learn new decorating techniques so you can provide better options than store-bought offerings.

Take a class or two if you want. Enjoy the time you spend building your business. Create social media profiles to show off each finished order and offer specials to entice new customers.

Be sure to give yourself time. Don’t quit your day job over night. As you develop your hobbies into something bigger, you will learn about business success along the way. Guaranteed, you’ll gain valuable life lessons and be a better entrepreneur because of it.

What are some of your creative hobbies? Is it possible to use them to generate revenue?

Image via Diane Villadsen, Darling Issue No. 23

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