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Nothing creates a cozy home quite like candlelight. The inviting, warm glow welcomes in friends and family to gather, laugh and connect—perhaps over a hearty meal or a good bottle of wine. Below is a tutorial by contributor Lauren Tien on how to make your own candles at home using wax and a mason jar. Happy hosting!

What you’ll need:
Wax (multiple colors if you desire a striped or ombre candle)
Candle Wick
Stove Top
A “double boiler” (a large pot and old coffee can do the trick)
Mason Jars

Step 1 Set up your “double boiler.” A large pot with an old can or a small metal bowl set inside creates a makeshift boiler. Fill the large pot halfway with water and set your metal can or bowl inside (an old coffee can works great!). Set your boiler on your stove top. Place your wax inside the metal can, allow the water to reach a steady boil, and wait as your wax melts.

NOTE: Consider using up last bits of old candles. Repurpose and reuse by melting them down to make brand new candles for your home. Make sure any non-wax parts are taken off before you put them in your boiler. As you boil down old candles into liquid wax, their may be pieces of wick that you’ll need to discard (or reuse!).

Step 2 Take a long wick and set the mason jar. Keep the wick longer than the top of the jar so that it is able to be secured in place with scissors or tied to a stick and hung in place once the hot wax is poured into the jar.

Homemade Mason Jar Candles | Darling Magazine

Step 3 Have your jars ready. Once your wax is completely melted, carefully pour it into each jar. Hold the wick you just placed in your jar as you pour in the wax. Fill your jar to the completely or just part way. You can create a stripe like effect if you pour your wax part way, layer by layer. If you choose the striped route, melt two different wax colors and alternate pouring each into your jar. Using various shades of the same wax color can create a neat ombre effect.

Step 4 As the wax cools and hardens, you’ll need to make sure the wick stays centered and secure. Either tie your wick to a stick that you can balance across the rim of the jar, or use a pair of scissors to do the job. Close your scissors just enough to hold the wick in place without cutting it. Once the wax has cooled, the wick will stay put—cut your wick so that no more than one inch sticks out of your candle top.

Homemade Mason Jar Candles | Darling Magazine

Step 5 Sip hot cocoa or call your dear friend as you wait for the wax to harden and cool. Once your candle seems ready to bring light into your little home, strike a match and take delight—you just made homemade mason jar candles!



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