I am the only child of one very strong, beautiful woman, and the only grandchild of a woman with an equally admirable inner character. Growing up it was just the three of us learning at certain times how to survive and at other times how to thrive. Although my life gets so busy that the days seem to vanish before my eyes, I often get an inner inclining that tells me it’s time to see my lovely little family unit. This past weekend my husband and I took a super quick trip up the coast to Monterey Bay to visit them. As we walked along the Pacific Ocean shoreline, visiting the Monterey Bay Aquarium and enjoying coffee at Pleasure Point in Capitola, my mind was enchanted and my body felt refreshed.

Ahhh, breathe, such a nice moment…Then my lists came drifting back to my ever moving mind, and I thought: When I get home I am determined to start those activities that will lead to true health and well being: prayer, exercise, dietary cleanse, refining personal style, crafting beautiful inspiring things, and sleep that actually gives rest (7 or more hours). Yet then came the messages: You did this last time you left home…don’t fool yourself, you will fail again…and might as well just forget about it…

Wait, wait, wait! Those thoughts may hold some truth, but honestly each time I allow myself to set goals and work towards them, I do grow as a woman, and I do make progress. What if the secret to success is failure? Just because I have not yet reached that “perfection” so clearly pictured in my mind, does not mean the reality is failure.

I do this every time I take a trip away from home –to New York, Chicago, San Francisco–all of which I have seen multiple times this past year. I get so discouraged because I still am not perfect…But the truth is, we will not reach complete perfection this side of eternity, but there is merit to be had in plowing forward. Our strength of character will be built and we will see positive results.

Looking at the women my mother and grandmother are today proves this point to me. They have made many mistakes throughout their years, yet have always had their eyes on what is right and what will create the best well-being for themselves and those they love. With that in mind they have always moved forward.

Allow the natural seasons and activities of life to provide you an opportunity to reset and take another step toward your life goals. Hit the refresh button.

Don’t get discouraged by the idea of wishing you would have already made that change in your life–just embrace the new opportunities offered to you.

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