To know the past helps us live today in a more efficient manner, while also inspiring us to pursue new innovations. Knowing the subtle and obvious components within the history of fashion enables us to appreciate where silhouettes, details, and intuition behind styles evolved from. It also gives us a snapshot into what society was experiencing and expressing at the time. Learning to evaluate these aspects can give us the tools to curate our own timeless style, apart from the current revolving door, trending us into fashion turmoil. Let’s appreciate the past so we can paint the present with personal timeless self-expression. Each week I will share key social events and fashion trends from a ten year span…let’s start at 1900!


Key Silhouettes: The “Gibson Girl:” Feminine necklines atop a skirt and corset provided the desired S curve.

Details: Lots of small buttons, high collars, intricate detail of the design.

Designer: Charles Dana Gibson

Economic: The Industrial Revolution was providing the way for ready-to-wear clothing.

Political: Masses were immigrating to the US, an newly found world power; the multicultural influences started to be seen within textiles.

Social: The first air plane flight inspired the aviator look.