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Skinny tells us eat as few calories as possible, nothing tastes as good as skinny feels, thinner is better, you’re worth more if you weigh less. When we see the words written out, most of us would probably agree those statements seem silly. But if we think about how we live our lives–the way we eat, the media we indulge in, the way we talk about our bodies to others or in our heads–we know that we’ve fallen for the lies.

Skinny wasn’t always “in,” but that body type has certainly dominated the media world for the past few decades. We see and hear skinny when we shop online, as we browse magazines, or while watching TV—and if you live in Southern California like me, simply walking by women on the street.

Let me first say, I am not anti-skinny. Some women are naturally less curvy than others, just as some women are shorter or have longer faces. Rather than bash one body type (which is never okay in my book), I want to bring attention to an issue today’s women are facing: in our culture, skinny trumps healthy.

What happened to health, exercising for wellness, eating what fuels our bodies to operate at their best, seeing beauty in the various shapes of women? We’ve exchanged truth for lies, worshipping outward appearance rather than embracing the bodies we’ve been given. Girls, we have to stand up for what is good and true. It’s time to say goodbye to the glamorized and romanticized ideas of skinny we have in our heads and treat our bodies with love and respect. Skinny is out, healthy is in.

Changing our mindset won’t happen overnight, but there are things we can start doing today that will help us exchange healthy for skinny over time. Start with these:

1. Ditch the scale (most of the time, at least). There is nothing inherently wrong with weighing yourself to ensure you’re within a healthy weight for your height and frame; however, that’s really not the way most of us use the scale these days, is it? Say goodbye to weight-based worth. You are more than a number.

2. Eat real food. For years, I ordered drinks at Starbucks with sugar-free syrup, drank soda of the diet-variety only, and bought low-fat and fat-free products at the store to avoid the extra calories of the real deal. Do yourself a favor and have real food in moderation. Treat your body to fresh, natural foods that nourish rather than diet foods that fill your body with chemicals. You will thank yourself in 50 years, I promise.

3. Minimize toxic media exposure. If watching a certain reality show or reading a certain magazine triggers your mind to believe that skinny is what it’s all about, stop exposing yourself to it. The more we see and hear lies, the more we believe them. Fill your mind, your eyes and your ears with information and images that contribute to you living a full, healthy life.

Make this pledge to yourself today: I choose healthy over skinny, real food over chemicals, and truth over lies.


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