If you are one of our American readers, you’re likely celebrating Thanksgiving along with the rest of the Darling Core Team today. Regardless of where you live or your country of origin, though, we simply wish that today will be a day full of thankful hearts and quality time with those you love. Let’s all take moments today to practice gratitude for what we have, and extend love to those we interact with—be it family, friends or co-workers.

For those of you looking to catch up on some reading, here are several recent posts to inspire you to have a happy, healthy, intentional holiday season this year…

Make some pumpkin centerpieces for your Thanksgiving table—easy, fun and inexpensive!

Say cheers with the right wines for the season.

Practice living a balanced life (and remember the holidays are for loved ones, not work!).

Give yourself a treat with a homemade honey facial.

Learn to be an intentional hostess—it’s okay to be imperfect.

Remember to have child-like joy in your daily life, no matter how grown up you feel.

Live intentionally this season.

Volunteer in your community and get happier and healthier.

Get a head start on Christmas with a homemade wreath.

Image via Oh Pioneer!


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