Ever wonder if celebrities struggle with their own identity or place in the world?

Our friend Natalie Manuel Lee has just released a very unique and uplifting show, “Now with Natalie.” In this six-part interview series, she explores what living in your purpose and discovering your identity really looks like. Through candid conversations with influencers at the top of their industries including Hailey Bieber, Tyson Chandler and Kelly Rowland, Natalie takes a behind the scenes look at how they navigate their high profile lives and focus on what is really important.

In her first episode she talks with Hailey Bieber about the development of her fame and how that has affected her confidence and perspectives. Watch the trailer below and click here to see all the episodes as they release in the next few weeks!



  1. Thank you Darling Team for sharing this!!
    I love the transparency, and the encouragement this episode displayed.
    Gods timing for sure!

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