It’s finally here, and we are thrilled to share it with you! What is it exactly? A stunning video created by Tribe of Asher featuring the Darling launch party. It’s a video we at Darling have been eager to see ourselves, and today is the day you get to see it along with us!

The following is their pilot video, which explores the Darling Magazine community through the eyes of Emily Gallentine (our event planner) and Courtney Clevenger (our event recipe curator) as they design the unique potluck experience for the launch of our first print issue. Enjoy!

Want to know more about the launch party? Click here to read a full account of the evening—as well as all of the heart and soul that went into it—by our event planner, Emily Gallentine.

P.S. Love what you see? Resonate with our mission? Get a copy of Issue No.2 this winter and delight in supporting a publication that uplifts and encourages women to live lives of purpose.

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