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Today is my favorite day of the crazy holiday shopping season. Weary from an inbox full of deals and sales, and a newsfeed full of war and fear and heartbreak, this day of generosity and gratitude is a soothing balm for an aching and overwhelmed soul.

Today is #GivingTuesday, and I love everything that it stands for: using our resources and power to help a hurting world and empower those who are seeking to change the narrative.

With all the incredible people, organizations and companies that are doing good, it can be daunting to pick where to give of your hard-earned dollars. My advice? Give to what breaks your heart.

So what does break your heart? The issues that call out to our deepest sympathies will be different for all of us, and below are just a few ways you can help today. Look for what breaks your heart and see how you can give to create meaningful change:

Global Injustice

Join IJM in the fight to shut down cybersex trafficking and #RestartFreedom. Gifts like helping to fund a rescue operation and giving an abused child an aftercare kit will be doubled today, and will help to put an end to this horrific abuse of kids.

Support here.

The Refugee Crisis

Sign up to support a refugee family in need through We Welcome Refugees or give to organizations like Hope for Syria or The International Rescue Committee, both on the front lines providing relief and critical services to refugees.

The Lack of Education and Economic Opportunities For Women and Girls

She’s the First provides scholarships to girls in low-income countries so that they can become first generation graduates and world-changers themselves! Donations go towards things like tuition, empowerment programs, and boarding.

Support here.

Unrest and War in the Middle East

Support Preemptive Love Coalition in their work on the front lines in Iraq providing life-saving heart surgeries for kids, economic opportunities for women, and providing emergency relief for families displaced by ISIS. Their gift catalog includes gifts like soap and candles hand-made by refugees, or you can purchase items like six chickens or two sheep for a displaced family, both which come with a hand-knit ornament.

Support here.

The Global Orphan Crisis

Help keep families together by supporting Abide Family Center, an organization serving in Jinja, Uganda to empower vulnerable families to keep their children at home, instead of giving them to orphanages out of desperation.

Support here.

No Access to Healthcare

Empower OneWorld Health to help impoverished communities incorporate a sustainable healthcare model to achieve long-term improvements in health and quality of life. So far, OneWorld Health has served nearly 150,000 patients in Uganda and Nicaragua. They accept both monetary and in-kind donations, or take the next step and sign up to travel with them as a medical trip volunteer!

Support here.

Remember, just a little bit can go a long way for these organizations and individuals who are giving their all to give to others. And with grateful hearts, today on #GivingTuesday we can follow in their path.

What organizations would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments!

Feature Image via Monica Outcalt


  1. Would love to see Swipe Out Hunger added – they work to end college student hunger through students donating unused meal plan points or cash donations. Every $1 donated equals $12 on the ground at universities. Such a great non-profit organization!

  2. Justice Rising International is an amazing nonprofit to add to the list. They bring peace to war torn areas like Congo through educating children at risk.

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