A global leader in humanitarian assistance, the International Rescue Committee works in 40 countries offering help and hope to refugees and others impacted by violent conflict and disaster. During crises, IRC teams provide health care, shelter, clean water, sanitation, learning programs for children and special aid for women. As emergencies subside, the IRC stays to revive livelihoods and help shattered communities recover and rebuild. Every year, the IRC also helps resettle thousands of refugees admitted into the United States, in 22 cities across the country. A tireless advocate for the most vulnerable, the IRC is committed to restoring hope, dignity and opportunity.

This Mother’s Day, you can partner with the IRC through giving a gift that gives back — potentially even saving a life. Released just last month, a collection of charitable Rescue Gifts are now available for the eco-friendly or socially conscious mother in your life. These symbolic gifts can have real impact on the lives of refugee mothers and their families living in the midst of conflict or natural disaster in places like Syria, the Central African Republic and the Philippines.

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Gift options like a safe delivery ($24) can ensure critical supplies and assistance to help make childbirth safer — and happier — for both mother and baby, and maternal health care ($52) can provide a mother-to-be in places like Kenya with the advice, medical assistance and other support she needs to keep herself and her baby healthy. In a country like Afghanistan, $56 can send a young girl to school for a year and give her the chance of a better life.

Furthermore, Ingrid & Isabel, a maternity apparel company, will match all “Rescue Gift” purchases to the IRC up to $30,000 as part of the IRC’s Mother’s Day campaign. There are more than three dozen gift options at varying prices. The recipient of each “Rescue Gift” will receive a personalized printed card or an eCard describing the gift and how it will impact the lives of some of the world’s most vulnerable people. Gift buyers can see the entire catalogue at www.rescue.org/gifts.

For more information, visit www.rescue.org, and follow the IRC on twitter, @theIRC / @IRCpress.
Images via Peter Biro with the International Rescue Committee


  1. Thank you for this post. It is aptly timed with regards to the Nigerian atrocity. This is a beautiful manner of choosing to give love twice over. An aching world is dramatically improved my every action, small or large, of organizations such as IRC. May they be thoroughly blessed for their efforts.


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