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We don’t do this often, but in the case of Kickstarter (to which we owe the production of our very first issue!) we felt it necessary and incredibly exciting to share the pursuits of one of our own here at Darling: the vocal talent of managing editor Tracy Le.

Her styling is real, raw, sweet … yet soulful, and her lyrics wisely tap into those crevices that sometimes only a great song can truly reach. We hope you’ll give her a listen and considering supporting the production of her very first EP, here.

A note from TRACE:

As far as I can remember, I’ve collected moments, memories and experiences by way of scribbles on notebook paper. Through it all, I’ve found an odd freedom in confessing all things good AND bad through my words.

Follow along with TRACE on her website and Instagram @tracemusic.

Letterpress image via Alissa Bell

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