All it takes is a few seconds into “Circles” —one of the latest tracks by machineheart —and you’ll find yourself clicking repeat to keep this catchy single going. Without being overly pop-y, machineheart strikes a balance between organic vibe and addictive rhythm, with lead vocalist Stevie Scott rooting her powerful voice in soulful and inspired lyrics. Give ’em a listen, you won’t be disappointed.

A note from Stevie:

I think creating is one of the greatest privileges we have on this earth. We get to put our fingerprints & heartbeats all over the things we create & show a little piece of ourselves through our art. When done with honesty & passion, music connects with people on a soul to soul level. We feel honored to get to go to such deep places with people that we may have never met before. As a band, we hope that others will find common threads weaving through from our stories to theirs. We want to see inspiration & courage catch a spark & ignite others’ passion to create. The cycle is endless.

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Image via Jade Ehlers

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